LUXURY INSPIRATION: Louis Vuitton's Journey Awards 2012
Three years ago, Louis Vuitton launched its Journeys Awards, an independent film festival that created an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to showcase their talent to an international audience. Louis Vuitton is, as everybody knows, the creator of the world's most well-recognised luxury luggage; a monogrammed LV case will take you anywhere. So the first awards focused on the notion of 'journey', both in its physical and emotional meaning. Mentored and judged by Wong Kar Wai, the contestants were invited to express what a journey means to them. Filmmakers from 37 different countries competed and it led to the discovery of exceptional new talent.
The theme of the second Louis Vuitton Journey Awards is 'Encounters'. The awards are curated by director Luca Guadagnino. "The heart of Louis Vuitton has always been about travel ", says Guadagnino. Aspiring film makers were asked: What is an encounter'? How does it affect you? What do you experience when you travel? The shortlisted films were announced this week and will now be submitted to the vote of a jury and the vote of the public - so be ready to share your opinion.
To inspire you to get involved here are a few of TLTB's favourites ...
Alexis Willis - Share
Willis was born in Melbourne, Australia. He says of his film 'Travelling is also find, to know yourself better, or simply, find yourself. We would all like to think that on the other side of the earth someone lives, feels the same things, at the same time'.

Yukinori Makabe - The Sun and The Moon
Yukinori from Tokyo shot a film based around the solar eclipse in Japan

Hilary Doling 6/7/12
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