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LUXURY TRAVEL: Adventure africa
WHAT is Africa about if not adventure? Three offerings stood out when the team visited ILTM Africa last month and we just had to share them with you.


Alex Walker’s Serian

The name ‘serian’ comes from the Masai language, meaning ‘serene… calm… tranquil’. And that is what the experienced Alex Walker has created here. Alex spent his childhood exploring the East African bush on foot with his father’s trackers and his very personal and private safaris tap you in to the very essence of Africa.  This is safari as it should be, reminding us of the early days of exploration and the true spirit of adventure (with the added advantage of the best tents* and guides). These safaris aren’t simply about staying at designer lodges or ticking off the big five. They are about silence, distance (both physical and mental) and letting go. We love this philosophy.

Alex and his tented camps will give you back your soul. Who can resist when he talks about the fact that in the silence of African bush,” you can feel a lion’s roar resonate in your chest cavity”. Alex Walker will do everything he can to customise your experience: walking tours, flycamping, photography trips, ballooning…

For the most authentic, mind-altering safaris in Africa we choose Alex.

*New suite tents are being added to both Serengeti camps in June 2017


Luxury and lowland gorillas

Not a new lodge but a new trip - to view the lowland gorillas in the jungles of the Republic of the Congo*. Classic-Portfolio’s MD, Suzanne Bayley-Coupe was so enthusiastic about this 7-day trip to camps in Odzala-Kokoua National Park that everyone who spoke to her wanted to go. This isn’t a trip for wimps –wading in water and tramping through jungle is required but it is certainly one of those life-changing experiences that you never regret. Getting close to the lowland gorillas is most people’s main motivation but the pod-shaped shaped building at xx camp and the extraordinary feeling of being a true explorer while sleeping in relative luxury are added bonuses. This is a very different experience to visiting the highland gorillas say in Rwanda or Uganda which is why it excites us. www.classic-portfolio.com.

*The Republic of the Congo is a former French Colony on the northern bank of the Congo River. Not to be confused with its neighbour, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), this Congo is calm and stable.


Free Walker Adventure Travel

Murray Luscombe founded Freewalker back 2009, ex-cricketer, lover of sport and all things adventurous the charismatic Luscombe turned his passion into an adventure travel company, making connections with the best operators around. Initially running tours for students Luscombe now has his sights set on expanding his exclusive tours and the luxury market. Those student beginnings however mean that what is on offer is fresh, lively and innovative. Want to go skiing in Lesotho, conquer Kilimanjaro, combine golf with a safari? - Murray is your man.  www.freewalker.co.za

Posted 19/5/17 

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