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NOMADIC LUXURY: The Ultimate Travelling Camp
"Rediscover yourself ...search the elusive tiger in the golden hue of the evening sky in Dudhwa, meet gurus from the far reaches of the Himalayas, raft down the River Indus, enjoy Sufi evenings in Kotwara.." Well, we're sold, are you? Getting to India's core, taking a spiritual and emotional journey on the most exotic continent on earth was once easier for a backpacker than those seeking a few more creature comforts. But hey, we were all backpackers once (weren't we?) and we haven't lost the adventurous spirit. Which is why The Ultimate Travelling Camp won us over with its siren song; To explore India and take the luxury with you., visiting remote locations in India where there is no luxury accommodation - if any accommodation at all.
the ultimate travelling camp
the ultimate travelling camp
white tent interior in the luxury travel bible
the ultimate travelling camp in the luxury travel bible
hornbill festival
sand tent exterior in the luxury travel bible
khaki tent interior
Nomadic luxury -who can resist?

The first truly mobile luxury camps in India can take you through locations unspoiled regions of mountains, deserts, jungles and to a whole calendar of festivals such as the Hornbill Festival in remote Nagaland.  Some of the tented camps have antique-style furniture or four posters, all have the best level of luxury it's possible to find under canvas, with en-suite bathrooms, private decks, crisp linen and the services of your very own butler. Four different camps are based in various parts of India and appear and disappear as if by magic on feast days and festivals. Guests have to pick their moment or check the website to see where a camp might be next.  For example in 1-14 July 2014 Chamba Camp will be at Kalchakra Festival in Choglamsar, Leh, Ladakh to listen to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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Posted 9/1/14
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