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LUXURY TRAVEL: In the footsteps of great lovers
Where should you head to for the ultimate romantic moment? This Valentine’s month we take inspiration from some of the world’s most famous fictional lovers - with a little help from our friends at Trafalgar.  www.trafalgar.com

Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind - Georgia, USA
Scarlett knew how to attract a man – treat ‘em mean, keep them keen – at least she did until he left. Nevertheless the  glorious technicoloured romp around America’s Deep South certainly wets our appetite for the area, despite the fact that  most of it was painted studio back drops.  Play like a Georgia peach and her gentleman and delve into the culture of the  Deep South taking in Georgia’s oldest city, Savannah, and discover a bygone era in this quintessentially southern city.  Hear Tales of the Old South and trials and tribulations of local Civil War History. Rich with charm, littered with stately  mansions and famous for its hospitality, here you’ll visit Fort Pulsaki and discover how the Confederate siege that took place  in Savannah was a turning point in military history. Frankly, you’ll be left wanting more.
 Romeo & Juliet, Verona, Italy 
 “Two households, both alike in dignity. In fair Verona, where we lay our scene. From ancient grudge break to new  mutiny. Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.”  Yes it has to be the world’s most famous love story. If you want to cry “  Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? from your own Juliet balcony  then travel to Verona where this tragic tale of  Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers unfolds. Try the on the Grand Italian Experience  and admire the 2000 year old Roman  arena and Juliet's Balcony (yes Ok we know she was a fictional character but this is the traditional place to pose) during a  walking tour with a Local Specialist.
 Cathy & Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, Yorkshire, UK 
 Cathy and her brooding Heathcliff played out their passions against a Yorkshire back drop in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering  Heights. However the area that has inspired poets and novelists for generations has more to offer than a windswept heath,  and certainly better accommodation than they had in the fictional Hall. In the north of England you’ll find everything from the  quaint villages around the Yorkshire Dales National Park to the glory of the Lake District.  Why stop there? Take a scenic  journey that encapsulates the Highlights of Britain and Ireland  including exploring the wild, unequivocally romantic  expanses of the Yorkshire Dales.
 Ennis and Jack from Brokeback Mountain, Wyoming, USA 
 Jump into the scenery of Brokeback Mountain where cowboys Ennis and Jack found love and explore Wyoming’s National  Park Wonders. This trip blends old west towns, such as Jackson, Cody and Sheridan, National Parks including Yellowstone  and Grand Teton, and historic monuments like Wyoming’s Devil Tower. Get a glimpse of the American West and spend the  morning discovering the natural glories of Grand Teton National Park and follow in the footsteps of Ennis and Jack as you  admire its snow-capped mountains, pristine alpine lakes and evergreen forests. 
  Ana Steele and Christian Grey, Fifty Shades of Grey, Seattle, USA
 Not everybody will consider this tale of seduction  a great romance , so for those who prefer something a little less sex, a  little more sweet why not imagine Annie Reed and Sam Baldwin in Sleepless in Seattle instead? Journey through the  Emerald City of Seattle on an Adventure in the Wild Northwest. Stop at the historic Pike Place Market, the nation's oldest  farmer's market, where the fish fly low-from one fishmonger's hands to the next, and make the trip to the top of the Space  Needle, the iconic landmark of the great Pacific Northwest. Moving from Seattle to the epic New York City, take a chance on  love and re-enact the famous ending to Sleepless in Seattle. Meet your loved one on top of the Empire State Building, just  like Annie and Sam as you explore Great East Coast Cities.
 Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater from Titanic   
 No we don’t want you aboard a sinking ship, or even go on a cruise. Bear with us on this one. Jack and Rose aka Leo and  Kate were pure romance in that bow-of-the-ship scene but it is Jack Dawson’s philosophy of life and his heritage we’re  channelling here. Make each day count with something like Trafalgar’s Irish Experience guided holiday, passing through  Dublin, the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Killarney, and Irelands most famous romantic castle. Discover the full  story of Titanic and visit the birthplace of the Titanic at the Titanic Belfast Visitor Centre for an historic insight into the world's  most famous ship.


Additional reporting Lisa Edwards 1/2/17, Updated 9/2/18

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