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Calling all luxury travellers. We  want your opinion. You are the connoisseurs, the opinion-makers,  the taste-dictators, the jet-setters, the style-gurus of your generation. You don't think so? How many times do you get on and off a plane in any given year?  Yep, we thought so.  So spare us a moment of your jet-lagged lives and tell us what you  really think.
This Month's Question
Would you NOT book a hotel if it charged for Wi-Fi?


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Do you think airlines should continue the trend of removing first class ?

Have you ever chartered a Private Jet?

Has airline food improved in the last five years?


Have you ever booked an airline specifically to fly the A380?

Do you want in-flight wi-fi?

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69% of voters want
in flight WI-FI.
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