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A funny ol’ thing happens when you visit Nashville a.k.a Music City. For I had only been there a couple of days when I was already planning to buy a truck, grab a guitar and start writing songs about anyone who ever ‘did me wrong’. I had caught the musical bug and started to believe that I too could make it as a songwriter. I was feeling inspired. 

Music is literally all around you from the moment you land in Nashville. Before I had even reached the baggage claim carousel of the airport I passed an airport cafe hosting live music. And this wasn’t just a delayed traveller on an open mic night, he was surprisingly good. From that moment I knew I was in for a fun trip to Nashville and that was before I even reached the city centre. 

Here are The Luxury Travel Bible’s Nashville Top Ten Musical Highlights from world-famous concert halls to listening rooms of upcoming songwriters to children singing in booths to create a lasting memento. Read More.

HOW TO GET THERE… British Airways now flies direct from London Heathrow to Nashville International Airport, the only direct flight between Europe and Nashville. Read more about the new service here. For further information visit www.ba.com 

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Sarah Bryans 9/5/18
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