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IF MR GREY can do sexy on Valentine’s Day and indeed all year - so can TLTB. We can do romance too, which doesn’t necessarily mean swinging from the hotel chandelier, love can be a gentle affair as well. So here for all those who like their passion in many forms are 50 ways to celebrate Valentine’s month this year. Fifty Shades of stay...

Ten Red Hot Stays

Red is not a subtle colour. No one plays safe wearing red. Red spells danger and excitement. Those that dress in red like to stand out from the crowd - and that goes for hotels as well as people. Red is for hotels that dare you to stare. So wearing rouge-tinted glasses we pay homage to the boutique hotels that understand the cool of crimson, the sex-appeal of scarlet and the sheer fabulousness of fire-engine red. Red is THE colour this Valentine’s Day.

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Ten Sexiest Hotels

We check into hotels for business, for relaxation and for the joy of travel, right? But what's the other reason we check in? Yes, the dangerous liaison, the dirty weekend, the sex-on-a stick stay. Forget the business today we're all about the pleasure. Here are the hotels we think have luxury lust appeal. Have we romped and road - tested them all? Now that would be telling...

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Ten Most Romantic Hotels

Candlelight, flowers, canopied beds, champagne, balconies with a view - it all adds up to Romance with a capital 'R'. We think these hotels are the perfect places for a lovers tryst. When it comes to luxurious liaisons we adore these sensual stays. But is it true love or mere infatuation?

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Ten Chocolate Boxes

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.' This famous movie quote doesn't quite ring true here. We've made sure that when our The Luxury Travel Bible readers choose a hotel, they're in for a real treat. And what better way to indulge your romantic tastes than at a hotel where the food of love - chocolate - is always the menu. Here's our pick of 10 luxe hotels where your cocoa-filled dreams are guaranteed to come true

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Ten Fairytale endings (or beginnings…)

Let down your hair and let your prince woo you in these fairytale hotels. Castles from the middle ages with their fortified turrets and towers are just made for fairytale fantasy. The grey-slate spires that stretch skywards like the lances of knights conjure up a dream-world that somehow has little to do with war and everything to do with romance.

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