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 IT'S THAT time of year again, where we review the stamps we received in our passports last year and draw up the Bucket List for the year ahead. We spoke to some of The Luxury Travel Bible team and connected with some of our favourite bloggers to find out where they hope to visit in the next 12 months. Of course, each of these are personal goals - but it seems that South America is a common theme for many...
What’s on your Bucket List?

 'As a fan of architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, top of my list for 2016 is Miavana which opens in October in Madagascar. With only fourteen villas this promises to be a luxury beach experience beyond compare.’ Lisa Corcoran www.passagetoluxury.net


'Sri Lanka is on my list this year as there are some amazing new luxury properties opening. The historic Galle Fort was recently refurbished, the pretty Owl and the Pussycat  boutique hotel has just opened and the tiny, private and personal Casa Colombo Collection has just joined Small Luxury Hotels of The World. Also, Resplendent Ceylon, which runs the wonderful tea trails,has a new lodge opening near leopard-spotted Yala National Park , Anantara Kalutara Resort & Spa is also due to open  … so many reasons to go back to this lovely part of the world.’ Hilary Doling,   www.luxurytravelbible.com

‘For 2016, the place I most want to travel to is South America with Ecuador, Peru, and Argentina at the top of the list. From great outdoor adventures, to chocolate plantations, to fabulous wine and great cities ... these are the reasons I want to get below the equator in 2016’.  Rachelle Lucas www.TheTravelBite.com   

“The Northern Lights beckon for me but I don’t want to see then from Norway but from Iceland, an underrated adventure destination if ever there was one. I’ve spent too much time in comfort on the Upper East Side, It’s time to get my Bear Grylls on.   There’s an amazing outfit called HL adventure that organise spectacular expeditions. 
Laurence D’Anonn, mystery columnist www.luxurytravelbible.com 

‘Our top destination to visit in 2016 is the sacred valley around Cusco in Peru. Of course the focal point is the famous Machu Picchu ruins, but the area around it is also incredible and worth spending a few weeks there soaking it all up’ 
Stefan www.nomadicboys.com


 ‘Cigars, classic cars and the Buena Vista Social Club are just a few of the beguiling attractions that make Cuba totally different from any other Caribbean destination. Following the recent thaw in diplomatic relations with the US there’s no doubt things are going to change, and I want to visit to sip inexpensive mojitos and have salsa lessons with the locals before Starbucks gets a look in’.
Jeannine Williamson, contributor www.luxurytravelbible.com


‘I've always been obsessed with one day visiting Jamaica and I'm hoping to make 2016 the year! I was in Cuba in 2015 and fell in love with the people, the sunshine and the mojitos so I can't wait to see what Jamaica has in store for me’.

I’ve always longed to see the Giant Pandas in Chengdu and it is an area of China with impressive greenery and gardens too.  Chinese gardens with archways and doorways framing secret spots are the kind of place I imagine you could wander for hours, so Beijing and the Summer Palace and JIngshan Park are always on my list … despite the pollution! Sarah Bryans, Features Editor www.luxurytravelbible.com





I love the thrill and wonder of somewhere new. A language I don’t understand, a culture that challenges me… and meeting people with a different normality. Last year I managed to whizz around quite a bit and this year I have some new destinations in mind… I find I have been missing the Spanish life and the sunflower fields in France…I would love to get to Iceland and see the magic of the Northern Lights… Uganda would be a dream come true and Japan has long been calling me… But as my 2016 bucket list is already rather long, it may have to wait a little longer…’ Poppywww.poppyloves.com

Posted 5/1/16
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