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LUXURY TRAVEL: Female Travel in the Maldives 
Female travel has become a major phenomenon over the past few years with companies dedicated to woman-only clientele increasing by 230%. Overall, women make up 64% of travellers worldwide, while only 36% are male. And women are showing an increasing desire to go it alone - almost £100 billion was spent by women on travel in 2023.

One luxury resort seeing the impact of this trend is Cora Cora Maldives. They have reported an impressive increase in the number of solo women visitors since it was awarded the highly acclaimed SHe Travel Club Label in 2023 (it won it again in 2024). The five-star resort in the Raa Atoll, has welcomed the same number of women travelling on their own between May 2023 (when it received the award) and December 2023 as it did from October 2021 (when it opened) to May 2023. 

Cora Cora Maldives was the first five-star resort and second resort overall in the Maldives to receive the SHe Travel Club Label. Having been awarded the Gold Status, the all-inclusive luxury resort was officially acknowledged as safe and friendly, particularly for women travelling on their own, with friends, or with children. 

The SHe Travel Club conducts studies in several countries to understand what women expect and need when they travel. ‘SHe, Safe and Happy everywhere’ is the promise to all women from the independent and global SHe hotel labelling organisation. The SHe Travel Club mark of approval offers peace of mind and quality assurance away from home.

With only 300+ hotels holding this prestigious accolade, Cora Cora Maldives is at the forefront of promoting female empowerment through travelling - an achievement it is committed to strengthening in 2024.


“We are delighted that female solo travellers consider Cora Cora Maldives a safe and comfortable destination,” comments Anna Karaseva, Sales & Marketing Manager.

“We are proud to say that we have received the same number of bookings from female guests travelling by themselves in the last seven months (since we received the award) as we did for the 18 months before then. We ensure that every member of staff interacts with single travelling guests in a certain manner and undertakes incredible training the SHe Travel Club label provides, thus ensuring our female guests' needs are met in a welcoming and safe environment.” 

Luxury Resorts Link: www.coracoraresorts.com

Posted 02/01/2024

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