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Virtual travel experts have created the world’s first four-day holiday  that you can experience from the comfort of your own lockdown. The holiday has been designed by Virtually Visiting to be experienced on Virtual Reality goggles but can be just as easily done through a computer, tablet or phone. It puts you right in the centre of the holiday, with new experiences released each day over a four-day package trip.

The first holiday will start on Saturday 18th April has been designed to take guests on a wintery tour of the Arctic region of Swedish Lapland. “We wanted to put you right in the action, allowing them to experience tours as though you were there,” says Jonny Cooper, founder of Virtually Visiting. “This is about keeping the travel experience real; we meet some of the best local guides who walk us through local life to give guests the real-life experience – from their own homes.”

The best news is, this is a lot cheaper than getting on a plane, in fact it’s free. 

Guests will virtually arrive 144km north of the Arctic Circle this weekend into Kiruna. The first stop has been perfectly timed just as the ICEHOTEL closes the doors on ICEHOTEL 30 for the last time, before it is left to melt away back into the river – and it is here that our adventure begins.

Our first experience on this adventure sees our ICEHOTEL guide Matilda give a personal tour around four of the incredible individually designed and carved ice rooms and explain how it all comes together - from the frozen water in the river flowing beside the hotel, to being transformed into these beautiful masterpieces you see before you.

The tour will not only allow you to hear from Matilda, but also look around the amazing space created entirely from ice and snow - a breathtaking combination of an art-exhibition and a hotel in one.

The following day, on Sunday 19th April, the tour heads south 250km to Lassbyn to meet local guide and founder of the Aurora Safari Camp, Fredrik Broman. Today Fredrik will be taking guests on a Snowmobile adventure through the stunning Swedish wilderness visiting two frozen lakes and learning about local wildlife and landmarks on the way.


Monday 20th brings a more leisurely pace and a chance to join Kent Lindvall, the founder and visionary behind the world famous Treehotel. Today, Kent will take us on a personal tour of Treehotel where guests learn about the history of the hotel, including a tour inside four of the seven amazing tree-top hotel rooms. Each room has its own theme which is showcased in design of the exterior and interior.

The final day of the tour, Tuesday 21st April, the adventure will take guests East 90km to the wilderness around Kroktask. Here we join Erik Hordijk from Yellow Snow Husky tours to learn how to harness a team of huskies in preparation for the journey across the frozen landscape, before setting of on our dogsled adventure.
Each day a new virtual experience and additional information will be released allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a journey through the region getting a real sense of the people and place as you travel through it.
The team behind Virtually Visiting will launch more experience and tours after this with the chance to visit Storforsen middle falls nature walk, join a tour of the new Arctic Bath, visit ICEHOTEL 365; meet the Moose and Reindeer, learn about the Sami culture, go Kayaking, and explore the Aurora Safari Camp.
 Virtually Visiting founder, Jonny Cooper, added, “As well as our new virtual holiday, we’re also working hard in the background to add further capabilities allowing us to run live VR tours in the future, adding even more real time interaction with guides.”
To join the free four day Virtual adventure from Saturday 18th April to Tuesday 21st April, visit www.virtuallyvisiting.com/360-journeys/
Luxury link: www.virtuallyvisiting.com or email [email protected]

Lisa Edwards 15/04/2020
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