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LUXURY TRAVEL: Ski Season Chic

So what exactly are the ultra-glam wearing, sipping and talking about this ski season? More to the point where are they actually going? What are the sought-after chalets? Where are the real killer slopes?

Let's start with the more trivial aspects of the piste -culture first. What to wear darrrrling and a magnificent seven other suggestions:
  1. For a chic look, Moncler have some superb fur ski jackets, 'Alpin' and 'Modane'. There is also a fabulous fur gilet - 'Tarn' and a coat named Maillol.
  1. A Hermes scarf is a must with either Raybans or Chanel sunglasses.
  1. For Apres Ski, a shearling-lined Aviator Jacket with some nice cashmere and J Brand Houlihans is the look accompanied by Burberry Prorsum high-heeled aviator boots or the shearling-lined flats.
  1. For wardrobe statement pieces, Chanel has a beautiful tweed fur coat and Alexander McQueen has a stunning shearling draped jacket or camel knitted fur cardigan coat.
  1. For an elegant tipple, it's got to be Dom Ruinart Vintage. A great champagne which will be the perfect accompaniment to the freshness of the snow capped mountains.
  1. Want to try something radically different this ski season? Telemark skiing will give you the freedom to explore the whole mountain and access areas you can't on normal Alpine skis. Also known as 'free heel skiing', telemarking is becoming hugely popular. And you'll be first among your friends to discover why.
  1. Want to be there before the in crowd? Try heliskiing in Sweden's Arctic Odyssey. With almost 24 hours daylight throughout the summer months, skiing at midnight is an awesome experience.

OK, we confess it none of the above are our ideas. No indeed, they come from those who are far more qualified in the art of ski cool; Gerry Lovick, self -dubbed style connoisseur, and ex-SAS ski instructor, Mark de Rosenwerth. Together they have this month launched White Blancmange (love the name -we always were a bit wobbly on the slopes) a bespoke concierge-style ski service with a handpicked portfolio of properties, what they claim is an unrivalled 'black-book' filled with local Alpine knowledge and access to the very best experiences and tuition across Austria, Switzerland and France.

In order to shamelessly publicise this new venture they sent us the above list and because we like it we are sharing it with you. We also like the sound of White Blancmange, if only because they say things like: ' White Blancmange promises to make the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary possible'. Well, you've got to live up to a statement like that haven't you, or you get the award for worst hyperbole of the season.
White Blancmange promises to make the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary possible

Quite possibly they might manage to, given that Mark de Rosenwerth who leads the team of instructors has over 20 years ski tuition experience including training the SAS and British Army ski teams. He also holds an International Ski Teaching Diploma - and you don't get much more ski-qualified than that. Plus they promise bespoke tuition service in the Alpine resort of your chose. Who knows at the end of all that you might even be able to ski down a mountain peak in the dark in full white camouflage gear carrying various dangerous weapons, and then attack someone on skis, just like Mark could do after his Arctic Warfare training.. ,or then again maybe not. But you will ski better.

More to the point they claim that as well as adrenaline-fueled skiing they will find you the best restaurants in town too. As they point out any fool can blaze down Le Grave but few know where to find the best cocktail. So If you are more interested in Michelin star restaurants and the coolest après ski bar the pair claim they kind find those for you too and arrange everything from private jets and helicopter transfers, to chalet girls and nannies.

Gerry personally checks out all the chalets on their books and we must say we're particularly partial to the sound of Chalet Artemis in St Anton, Austria which has its very own 12-seater cinema complete with red velvet retro chairs and wellness area on with sauna, steam room, massage room, indoor pool and an indoor/outdoor hot tub.

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