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Binged on Bridgerton and wanting more?  How about putting the real-life locations on your travel wish-list for when the world unlocks. 




Norway has some stunning locations for film-makers which is why Daniel Craig was there making his last Bond movie. Which lead us to thinking what else has been filmed there?



ON LOCATION: Australia

We are all armchair travellers these days. Here are  eleven  entertaining  films to satisfy your wanderlust for….AUSTRALIA. Some of the films capture Australia's iconic vistas and landscapes, others capture the larrikin spirit that Australians are known for, leaving you feeling as though you’ve just caught up with your Aussie mates.




One of the biggest shows currently showing on Netflix is ‘Tiger King’ documenting the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. While we are all obsessed with the show, we can all agree that these beautiful creatures do not belong in the zoos and parks in the show. Here are TLTB's favourite places to spot Big Cats in the wild. 



Little Women

This latest version of Little Women by Greta Gerwig was shot in and around Massachusetts, making it the most authentic so a visit in the footsteps of the movie-makers is a must.



Downton Abbey

With the release of the new movie, once again Downton Abbey is making us swoon. The iconic house which has contained drama and many secrets over the years is undoubtedly the star location.



Big Little Lies

As the second season of everyone’s favourite California drama, Big Little Lies, returns to our screens this week, we’ve highlighted some of the incredible Californian destinations that feature within the hit series. Here is how you can have your very own Big Little Lies inspired road trip.


HBO’s acclaimed miniseries Chernobyl has been all the talk among movie-lovers and historians recently. The show depicts the morning of 27 April 1986 in Soviet Ukraine, and the events that followed. However, Chernobyl wasn’t filmed entirely in Ukraine. In fact, the perfect locations were captured in different parts of Lithuania.

Mary Queen of Scots
Mary Queen of Scots - which stars Saoirse Ronan as the titular Queen, and Margot Robbie as her second cousin and rival monarch Elizabeth I – inspires renewed interest in a tumultuous period of British history and offers the perfect excuse to explore Scotland. 
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