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What to pack FOR A... Stylish Holiday
Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman of Fyodor Golan regard their collaboration as designers of women's ready-to-wear clothing as 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.' They base their designs on opposites and contrasts (when one is strong, the other is sensitive and vice versa) and painting provides a constant source of inspiration.
Luxury Fashion Designers Fyodor Golan
Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman of Fyodor Golan
Fyodor Golan design for a woman 'who is emotional, expressive and strong; an international person who is not afraid to both explore and show her sensitive and powerful side' - sounds a lot like a TLTB woman!
Something The Luxury Travel Bible always struggles with is the age old question of 'what to pack'? So we went to Fyodar Golan to get their expert fashion opinion on what we should pack to look fashionable when on holiday.
What can luxury travellers do to look stylish while on holiday?
Just enjoy it and wear lots and lots of bright colours. If in a city like Paris, take a bike cab and let your hair loose. It's all about trying new things so why not wear a super short dress for a night out dancing on the beach in Thailand, or discover new places like Burma in bold colours.
What items should you pack?
Luxury Fashion designers Fyodar Golan
Chiffon Blouse Dress
A Chiffon blouse dress in Sea Print with matching Print chiffon long pant. You can wear by breaking them apart or if you would like to stand out wear them together.
Fashion Designers Fyodar Golan, Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize
A top that goes with everything
Top that goes with everything from jeans to shorts like Fyodor Golan Kiss beaded top or Yellow Dragon See print Kimono top.
Fashion designers Fyodar Golan, Dorchester Collection Fashion Prize
Cocktail Time!
A cocktail dress for a night out something light and bright
A Key Piece to stand out
Huge Moth print pleated Fyodor Golan skirt, perfect piece for the beach or dressing up for the night out dancing

Fashion designers Fyodar Golan

What three things do you never travel without?
Nivea hand cream, sunglasses and bright neon swimming shorts

What is the design inspiration for the Fyodor Golan collection?
It's very expressive and vibrant - Electric colours that reflect energy of the modern youth with sporty touch, we were thinking a lot about our childhoods and there is dazed feel in our collection.

Fyodar Golan 9/9/13
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