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Opened: 23rd June 2023

ZEL Mallorca, the debut collaboration between the 22-time Grand Slam winning tennis player, Rafael Nadal, and Spain’s largest hotel group, Meliá Hotels International, has officially opened its doors.

Located in Palmanova beach, on the beautiful island of Mallorca, the new 165 room (21 of which are Suites or Junior Suites) hotel sits on a cove which is over 1000 metres’ long with white sand and crystal clear waters.


Speaking at the party on opening night, Nadal said how, “The opening of ZEL Mallorca is a dream come true for me. After seeing the results, I am surer than ever before that ZEL will be a great entrepreneurial project and a fantastic ambassador of the Spanish and Mediterranean values and essence.’

ZEL Mallorca is hoping that its open-air living concept will make it stand out from other hotel brands. 

The hotel design celebrates with its surroundings, and the contrasts of spaces created to embrace the ‘fiesta and siesta’ concepts that are characteristic of the Mediterranean lifestyle. In this way, the hotel design celebrates this enjoyment of open spaces, conceptualising rooms with colours, textures, and shapes that allude to nature, generating a sensation of peace, wellbeing and relaxation for guests. 


The interiors of ZEL Mallorca transmit the harmonious mix of influences, with references to other key features of the Mediterranean culture from Italy and Greece, as well as patterns and finishes with a Mallorcan essence and earthy and ocean tones that generate an atmosphere brimming with energy. The renovation and interior design project were created by ASAH studio run by architects Álvaro and Adriana Sans.

The patio, an essential element of Mediterranean architecture, is the heart of ZEL Mallorca, the epicentre and core of its energy. The patio functions as a lobby and interconnects its different areas, perfectly reflecting a passion for freedom and open-air living. Upon entering the patio, the first thing you will notice is the absence of a traditional ‘reception’, because ZEL is inspired by a ‘Mediterranean home’ and therefore the patio offers a concept store where you can buy exclusive products by national and international brands, a specialty café serving the brand Syra Coffee, and a Mediterranean lounge. 


ZEL hotels are inspired by the ‘phygital’ philosophy that combines physical elements with technological innovation that enhance the experience and comfort of guests. Therefore, instead of a traditional reception, guests will find a digital kiosk in the patio where they can get their room card by scanning the QR code with their phone, which they will have received when they registered online previously. If they have not already done this, they can register with their phone at that time while they enjoy a welcome drink. In the same way, when it is time to check out, guests receive a notification to check their expenses, validate them, and pay online or in the patio with a member of the hotel staff if they prefer. 


ZEL Mallorca is the first hotel from the collaboration. At its launch Gabriel Escarrer, Chairman and CEO of Meliá announced the first ZEL hotel in Mexico: ZEL Sayulita, which will open in 2025.

Luxury Link: www.hellozel.com

Sarah Bryans 03/07/2023

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