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NEW OPENING: Keemala, phuket, thailand 

Opens: December 2015

WE MENTIONED THIS one way back in June 2014 as one of the upcoming opening everyone was talking about.  And it is easy to see why. We're suckers for innovative design when it really works - Iniala, we still love you. So this latest Phuket offering, has us very excited.

If you are a little tired of the cement cubes that make up many modern resorts, this one's for you.

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Keemala, in Kamala, Phuket is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and is possibly the collections most innovative new offering design wise.  The resort pays homage to local tribes with design which is part organic part space age. Natural materials are bent and teased into fluid shapes inspired by everything from opium pods (the main lobby) to bird's nests.  The designs have been described as 'something out of the original Star Wars'  but we see it more as a fantastical Thai fairyland with giant pods and bamboo flowers opening to reveal the chic secrets within. Either way we love the innovation and imagination.

Here are the extraordinary flights of fantasy on offer:

Clay Pool Cottages

Number of cottages:16

The 16 Clay Pool Cottages reflect the earthiness of the Pa-Ta-Pea (earth) clan who believed in a strong connection to the earth and harnessed agriculture as their trade. With a selection of one and two bedrooms

Pool Villas


The tent-like structure and wildlife-inspired prints and textures of the 7 Tent Pool Villas reflect the nomadic way of life of the Khon-Jorn (wanderer) clan that were known as  foragers, performers and traders. The villas have a master bedroom and separate living space.

Pool Houses

Number: 7

Clever building techniques to give the impression that the structures are suspended from trees to represent the We-Ha (sky) clan who worshipped the universe. This quirky two-floor villa design can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Birds Nest Pool Villas

Number: 8

TLTB readers will love that this is the most exclusive experience on offer. The Rung-Nok (nest) community inspired the design of the 8 Bird’s Nest Pool Villas. This group enjoyed an opulent way of life, thus the intricate interwoven design of their homes.

The food at Keemala is as loclly inspired as the buildings. The ingredients used are locally sourced and organically grown where possible. . Keemala has four outlets for dining: the main restaurant, a pool bar, a comfy lounge and a smaller wine cellar.  TLTB readers will love the chance to experience custom dining perhaps beside a  waterfall, in a separate pavilion in the grounds or in-villa.

As you’d expect from a new resort that’s this luxurious in a totally organic and unexpected way there is an innovative spa. Male Spa offers a range of spa treatments, wellness activities and even fully curated  Holistic Living Retreats for those seeking to unwind from the stresses of modern day life. Keemala’s Purify, Energise, Unwind and Rejuvenate packages are available as a 3-day and 6-day retreat and are personalised to guests’ individual needs. Retreats typically include massages, wellness consultation and guidance, body enhancing exercises and daily spa cuisine. There are 8 treatment rooms alongside a Thai massage pavilion, steam and sauna rooms, fitness centre, and yoga and meditation spaces.

Given the organic feel  of the resort  we’d expect natural products – and indeed Keemala uses  paraben- and cruelty-free spa products by VOYA, Siam Botanicals and Spa Ritual are used for all treatments.

Guest practitioners from around the world will take up residency throughout the year to offer specialised retreats in things like sound healing, shiatsu, and  traditional Chinese medicine,  Not to mention treatments from around the world from Mayan traditional massage to  Maori traditional healing.

Luxury Links: www.keemala.com  , www.slh.com
Lisa Edwards 7/12/15
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