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Opening: February 2021

Six Senses is opening its first hotel in the Americas this month (February 2021) . Located in Brazil, 4,000 feet above sea level on 700 acres of mid-tropical Atlantic forests, Six Senses Botanique (formerly known as Botanique Hotel & Spa) is an easy transfer from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. It sits at the confluence of three river valleys in the heart of the Mantiqueira Mountains. These are known as the “mountains that weep” due to the abundance of springs and rivers. Six Senses Botanique will maintain Fernanda Ralston Semler’s design of the existing property, which draws on local traditions, culture and the region’s topography. The hotel was built in 2012 by local architects and designers using indigenous materials such as jacaranda wood, natural stone and chocolate slate, while 120-year-old wooden beams were reclaimed from nearby farms.


The hotel will continue to have seven suites in the main hotel and 13 private villas dotted in the hills around it. A further 14 villas are planned and will be constructed off-site in a modular manner using local materials. Owners will have access to all the hotel’s facilities, amenities and services and the opportunity to place their homes into the rental program managed by Six Senses.

The dining room is in the main building, located on the ridge to offer the best views. It is warmed by suspended fireplaces and is home to a signature bar, which will serve a range of “living drinks” (think: homemade probiotics and tonics made from local ingredients), alongside a traditional beverage menu. Outside, there is a main pool, Grow With Six Senses kids’ club activities and Earth Lab . In addition to fitness programming - including capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art—there are hiking and horse-riding trails for exploring the native forest and observing the exuberance and beauty all around. Six Senses signature venues, such as the Experience Centre, Alchemy Bar and “out-of-the-ordinary” dining spots, will be added later this year. Menus are lovingly homegrown, hearty and authentically Brazilian. The seven water springs inside the property mean guests are supplied with the property’s own mineral water (dubbed “the best drink in the house!”).


Fernanda Ralston Semler says, “Ironically, Brazil did not have a hotel that was profoundly and uniquely Brazilian. Botanique was built over many years to fulfil this niche, with entirely local architecture and interiors, and also a locally inspired library, gastronomy, spa and cosmetics, and even films in its in-house cinema. Added to this was a dedicated team of locals who learned their trade in a new format that eliminated departments. This resulted in what is considered Brazil’s utmost small luxury hotel – and nothing would be more fitting than joining forces with the world’s utmost luxury hotel brand.” Nowhere is the local influence more evident than in the spa, which has private treatment rooms, relaxation suites, floatation pool, CO2 bath and a tropical rain humid sauna for a host of water-based therapies, as well as relaxation and wellness areas and a fitness centre.


As well as treatments that incorporate Brazilian botanicals, the spa will offer holistic wellness programming, integrating programs such as yoga, detox and anti-aging. Guests can also allow time to reset with a wellness takeover through a choice of Wellness Days including: Boost Your Immunity to build a strong body; Mind Your Brain to improve mental clarity; and Love Your Heart to achieve deeper self-connection and harmony. Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses says: “Six Senses Botanique will appeal to guests seeking an eco-retreat in nature along with authentic Brazilian design, culture and cuisine. We’re also putting together a program of rituals, workshops and festivals, offering time out to focus on living at ease with oneself and others and in a more reciprocal way with the natural world. What a wonderful place to breathe in the peace and beauty all around to find harmony and reconnection.”

Menus are lovingly homegrown, hearty and authentically Brazilian. We’re also blessed with seven water springs inside the property so we're able to provide our guests with our own mineral water (the best drink in the house!).

Luxury Link: www.sixsenses.com 
 Hilary Doling, 01/02/2021
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