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LUXURY HOTELS: Nobu Hotel at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, USA
Style:  Zen meets den
Scene:  A tower in Vegas
Seen in the lobby:  High rollers with class
Caesar's Palace is describing its new Nobu Hotel as 'a luxury infused, celebrity driven exhibition' and expects its guests to have 'a certain je ne sais quoi, not to mention great taste'.  Je ne sais quoi? Great taste? That sounds like moi. Yes, definitely my kind of place. I'm on my way.
Caesar's itself has a casino glitz that you either love or hate but the world's first Nobu Hotel is a quieter, more elegant animal.  As simple as sushi and as  cleverly classy as a Nobu meal. Everything is understated but nothing is left to chance.

hakone suite
hakone suite
nobu bar
nobu tea

I once stood for a good twenty minutes in a store in Toyko while the assistant wrapped my purchase perfectly, every fold of the paper an exercise in origami. This hotel has the same attention to detail; true luxury is in the subtleties.
Chef Nobuyuki 'Nobu' Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro have been long term business partners. It was De Niro who first persuaded Nobu to set up his restaurants.  For  this their first luxury hotel.  they choice uber hotel designer David  Rockwell to bring their vision to life. In the background as always is Meir Teper, Hollywood film producer and investor extraordinaire.
'As simple as sushi and as cleverly classy as a Nobu meal.'
So what is the result? A green tea welcome, Italian sheets on the bed and sleek interiors and 24 hour in-room dining with a menu created by Chef Nobu only for guests of Nobu Hotel. .So far so good.  A quick peek in the mini bar. I'm impressed. Even the contents of the fridge have originality. Top marks for  organic Japanese beer and Nobu's signature brands of chilled sake and Genmai-Cha brown rice green tea.
 Rockwell created the first Nobu Restaurant so he understands Nobu's design DNA.  Everywhere there is a fusion of Japanese and Asian traditions with Western style. But don't be deceived the simplicity of the design is not without its Vegas va va voom. Soft furnishings are opulent, touches are lavish, art is cutting edge.  Some of the  designs for the guest rooms include custom art by up-and-coming Japanese artists ,whether with traditional prints or  expressionist flourishes. The main focal point in the rooms is a feature wall that displays custom 'shodo' style calligraphy.
'Feng Shui and David Rockwell have achieved much'
Bathrooms have teak fittings, and stone tiles. The Luxury Travel Bible loves the over-sized walk-in shower with traditional black Umi tiles, multiple showerheads and a teak bathing stool, (the simple kind you find in a traditional Japanese bathhouses). I am happy with the bathroom amenities too. Natura Bisse, with a blended rosemary and white tea scent , created exclusively for Nobu Hotel.  Exclusivity is all.
Which is why one should really check in to one of Nobu Hotel's signature suites.
The  top suites are the two bi-level Nobu penthouses suites. Each has a second-story walkway-come-terrace that overlooks the lving area of the suite. However, my favourites are the Sake Suites. These Sake-themed suites will make your head spin like ithe namesake spirit (although sadlythey are actually named after Sake Drums ,not alcohol)  The 1300 square feet (396 square metres) suite has a full media room -  for watching all those Robert de Niro movies -a billiard table and a bar space to entertain one's closest friends. And if they imbibe a little too much, no matter the Sake Suites have a 2nd and a 3rd bedroom option, as the  Suite can connect into additional Nobu Guest Rooms.
The  1000 square feet  (304 square metres) Hakone Suites are also a  luxurious choice. they are named after the  mountainous Hakone region of central Japan, widely revered for its pristine natural beauty and hot spring baths.  So it is fitting that the bathroom has a bubbling Jacuzzi.
Guests of Nobu Hotel also have priority reservations at  Nobu Restaurant, complimentary access to PURE  and a complimentary valet service.
Deciding when to check-in? Ms Vegas herself Celine Dion is playing Caesars now, followed by the elegant Matt Goss for the rest of July. Elton John and his Million Dollar Piano are there in September. Your choice.
As for me- forget being a socialite. I am now officially a Nobu-lite.
Check in: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Ultimate Luxury:  The bi-level Nobu Penthouse
Most Indulgent Moment: Playing billiards on your own personal table
Insider Secrets: De Niro stays here, but you guessed that already didn't you?
The Little Things: Even the contents of the bar fridge has been carefully thought out
Junior Luxies: Are you kidding?  Why would you?
Dress code:  I always stick to my own tailor but Issey Miyake works too
Dent in the platinum:
Luxury Hotels Link:  www.nobucaesarspalace.com
Laurence D'Anonn 29/6/13
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