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MY FAVOURITE ROOM... Petter A. Stordalen
At the age of twelve, environmentalist and philanthropist Petter A. Stordalen became Norway's top seller of strawberries. Today, the hotel billionaire is not only preserving the environment (Forbes Magazine calls him 'The Green Avenger'), he's reshaping it with THE THIEF a  hotel that's setting a new standard for sustainability, art, and architecture.  Stordalen owns Nordic Choice Hotels, the leading Nordic hotel company encompassing 170 hotels, 5 hotel chains and 10 000 employees, as well as Nordic Hotels and Resorts, a collection of independent hotels that includes THE THIEF and Copperhill Mountain Lodge,  both members of Design Hotels. As Norway's ninth-richest man Stordalen has become one of Scandinavia's most recognizable entrepreneurs.
 Did we mention that he refitted his Ferrari, making it the world's first to run on biofuel?

'...it just might be the quirkiest suite out of all the hundreds of suites in all my hotels'.

The Hotel: THE THIEF, Oslo, Norway
'My favorite room is the Apparatjik suite. It isn't the biggest or poshest, but it just might be the quirkiest suite out of all the hundreds of suites in all my hotels. We treat guests like rockstars and rockstars like guests, which is why we gave Apparatjik, a collective of international artists and musicians (and über-experienced hotel guests) from bands like Coldplay and a-ha, free hands to give us a piece of their 'Apparatjik World'. The suite is filled with disco-textiles and pixelated carpets. There are so many weird things going on...I don't think the regular guests will even discover half of them. Let's start with the bathroom, it comes complete with a disco ball in the roof and a luxury meteor-shower for state-of-the-art self-cleansing.
Luxury Hotel suite in Oslo
Then you have the multi-user Apparatjik channelings on the TV, Apparatjik prints on walls and - ta-da! - the choice of a virtual bedpartner! From Apparatjik of course, and projected onto the bed - it's definitely a world's first.'
Luxury Hotels Link:   www.thethief.com www.designhotels.com
Petter A. Stordalen,  2/7/13
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