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Croatia’s first-ever TUDOR watch pop-up shop, organized by luxury watch and jewellery retailer Malalan, will be held at Preferred Hotels member Hotel Bellevue, a lavish five-star retreat located on the beautiful island of Lošinj in Croatia, from August 7-20, 2023.  

Created by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, TUDOR is a deluxe watch brand highly coveted among watch enthusiasts worldwide. Hailing from the Swiss city of Geneva, TUDOR has fused quality and craftsmanship since 1926 to create luxury watches that stand the test of time and stand up to the world’s most prestigious timepieces. 

Best known for their Pelagos, Black Bay, 1926, and Royal collections, TUDOR is consistently hailed as extremely reliable with powerful proprietary mechanisms, combining style and function into stunning designs. Thanks to their robustness TUDOR watches are also a top choice for adventurers, which is best shown in a selection of dive watches crafted for various navies over the years.    

Croatia’s first ever TUDOR pop-up shop is organized by Malalan, a family-run luxury watch and jewellery retailer with over 70 years of watchmaking excellence. Today, Malalan brings the highest quality watch repair service, jewellery manufacturing and maintenance, and expert counselling to its buyers when choosing wristwatches or jewellery. Malalan’s own timeless collections and prestigious partnerships have further cemented them as a top choice for international connoisseurs of luxurious jewellery and watches. 

As TUDOR watches have always had ties to the sea, Lošinj Island, and its unparalleled Mediterranean luxury, is an obvious stop on this luxury watch tour.  

Luxury Links: www.losinj-hotels.com , www.tudorwatch.com

Sarah Bryans 07/08/2023 

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