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LUXURY HOTELS:  Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill, London
Hyatt Regency London  - The Churchill has partnered with the Saatchi Gallery a move that will showcase international art in the setting of a luxury hotel. 'One Giant Leap' is the first in a series of three exhibitions taking place in the hotel throughout 2012 and is a must for any art fan.

The Saatchi Gallery, London has been at the forefront of bringing contemporary art to a wider audience and now, for the first time in its 25 year history, is working with the 5star hotel to give guests and visitors the opportunity to interact and connect with art outside of a traditional setting.

christina mackie dexter dalwood and boo ritson artwork
christina mackie dexter dalwood and boo ritson artwork
one giant leap lobby
celine fitoussi soap wall
limited edition saatchi gallery suite
risen (giants) by martin honert
the promenade

The Luxury Travel Bible was at the launch and loved how approachable the art work was and how well the diverse collection works within each distinctive area of the luxury hotel. Some pieces are obvious, some are harder to spot but each one suits its individual location. The hotel is very proud of this partnership, so guests defiantly should ask staff about it.

One of TLTB's favourite pieces was 'Risen (Giants)' by Martin Honert. Granted, two scruffy giants standing in a luxury hotel lobby aren't the norm for TLTB readers but we bet you will turn into giddy kids and want your photo taken with them!
... two scruffy giants standing in a luxury hotel lobby aren't the norm for TLTB readers



This partnership, according to the hotel, has been designed as a talking point, to create a conversation. TLTB knows some guests will love the art, some will hate it and some will feel indifferent...but one thing is for sure, it will be something for guests to discuss over Afternoon Tea.


The Luxury Travel Bible says...
The hotel has always had an ongoing link with art - Prime Minister Winston
Churchill, for whom the luxury hotel is named, was a accomplished artist, known for his landscape paintings.
Sarah Bryans, 1/2/2012, Updated 3/7/12
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