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LUXURY HOTELS: Our emotional response to historic hotels  

TRAVEL is all about emotion, so says report just released by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. The Luxury Insights Report identifies a global trend in travellers seeking emotional connection hotels.

Fairmont’s report relates specifically to the brand’s iconic historic hotels but nevertheless TLTB agrees that emotion and travel go hand in hand. Nothing touches our soul like travel. The report indicates guests choose a historic destination to make an emotional connection. In fact, many feel that historic hotels offer unique emotional benefits due to their ability to evoke “place identity”.


Fairmont’s iconic hotel such as The Savoy in London, The Plaza New York  or the Peace Hotel in Shanghai certainly resonate with travellers in a way that some more modern hotels don’t.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts ‘ Luxury Insights Report is part of a new series of research-led, data-driven reports focused on current trends in luxury travel. This inaugural study focusing on historic buildings reveals the vital importance of emotional fulfilment, place identity (the psychological connection to a destination) and cultural immersion in the decision-making process of luxury travellers worldwide. . Guest feedback was generated using a combination of insights gathered from 6,559 Fairmont guests in 2015 and 12,736 Fairmont guests in 2014, as well as an in-depth, ethnographic research study comprised of ten guests in 2015.


 “Luxury guests are not only looking for warm and engaging service when travelling to world-class destinations, they are also following their hearts,” said Jane Mackie, vice president, Fairmont Brand. “The emotional connection guests feel to each of our hotels is unique – whether it’s finally crossing off a bucket list trip, exploring a new destination, or celebrating a milestone event. This industry-leading research demonstrates that the choice of a Fairmont hotel, be it historic or newly developed, often provides the sense of place and personal connection luxury travellers crave.”

“Our Luxury Insights Report reveals a decisive link between travellers and their emotional connection to historic and iconic hotels and the destinations in which they reside,” added Mackie. “As a globally recognized leader in the stewardship of these landmarks … it is our mandate to not only understand the experiences our guests desire, but to preserve and develop the properties that act as a catalyst for so many unforgettable moments.”

 Fairmont’s first Luxury Insights Report explores the role of architecture and thoughtful preservation and restoration as emotional drivers and Fairmont is el known for its global commitment to the careful restoration and preservation of historic buildings in its portfolio. In partnership with its committed hotel owners, the luxury brand has managed to help renovate or restore more than 80% of its North American portfolio over the last few years. Notable projects range from a multi-million dollar makeover of the Claremont Club & Spa in Berkeley, CA to a top-to-bottom restoration of Quebec City’s castle-like Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.


Key factors identified in the report include:

• Place Identity: the psychological merging with the past; hotels with rich histories enable guests to feel like they are part of something meaningful, important and enduring.

• Experience over Commodity: aligning social status with the consumption of experiences rather than material goods – luxury redefined; transforming “luxurious” travel from simply being pampered to creating unforgettable memories.

• Cultural Immersion: a new type of cache amongst travellers; “I stayed at the Fairmont” is a clear demonstration of immersing oneself in culture, experience and history.

• History Lovers choices. For example in 2015, 38,000 “history lovers” stayed at more than one of Fairmont’s historic properties

Fairmont’s Luxury Insights Report incorporates research and insights from multiple sources, including a brand-first ethnographic study conducted by Weinman Schnee Morais Inc. and data from market research firm YouGov. Luxury Insights Report: Stewardship of Iconic and Historic Buildings (Volume 1, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts) offers an in-depth perspective on the role that property development and restoration of iconic and historic buildings plays in the lives of Fairmont guests. 

Luxury Hotels Link: www.fairmont.com
 Posted 18/3/16
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