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LUXURY HOTELS: Hotel Cipriani, Venice, Italy
George Clooney loves Hotel Cipriani, we know because we've lazed on the bed in the suite he always stays in, although not at the same time. Clooney combined two of his loves recently when he personally delivered boxes of Casamigos Tequila by private launch across Venice's famous lagoon to the legendary hotel. Making Hotel Cipriani the first European hotel to serve what Clooney calls the 'divine water' of friendship.

George Clooney visits Luxury Hotel

The tequila is the creation of actor George Clooney and restaurant and bar guru extraordinaire, Rande Gerber.
Clooney and Gerber have been friends for over 25 years and curious guests and assembled paparazzi were recently amused by the sight of the two friends unloading heavy cases of their award winning Casamigos Tequila from a gently rocking launch to the private hotel landing stage.
The drinks slogan is "Brought to you by Those Who drink it" - and in this case it certainly was. Casamigos is named after Clooney's and Gerber's houses in Mexico, and the name roughly translates to "house of friends," and signifies getting away and good times.
Clooney chose Hotel Cipriani as the perfect venue for his tequila of friendship because of his very real affection for the hotel. Hotel Cipriani's Head Barman, Walter Bolzonella, paid homage to the Casamigos Tequila by reinterpreting Clooney's now infamous cocktail, the Buonatte, (created when the star was staying at the hotel in 2005). The newly-named Goodnight Amigos celebrates the original recipe based on lime, ginger and cucumber peel, with the addition of two drops of Angostura and, of course, the cocktail now possesses a Tequila base.
Although if you want to drink the tequila the Clooney/Gerber way then ask for it on the rocks. 'Our idea was to make the best-tasting, smoothest tequila whose taste didn't have to be covered up with salt or lime,' say Clooney.
George Clooney arrives in Italy

George Clooney's tequila served in Luxury Italian Hotel

However you drink it, actually getting a glass of the stuff at the Hotel Cipriani bar may prove tricky because my spies tell me that all of the tequila was quickly consumed by guests during the opening night of the Venice Film Festival - so the hotel is currently awaiting further supplies (those movie moguls are a thirsty lot).
What won't disappoint is the legendary hotel itself. Watch TLTB's video of Clooney's favourite suite below.

Tequila Tales

Clooney and Gerber have been privately indulging in their favourite tipple for years. The tequila was originally intended for personal use, and tequila-filled nights with family and friends is what inspired the brand. But then the pair decided to share. Launched in January; the brand has already become the world's most popular and fastest growing tequila. Most recently, Oprah named Casamigos as her favourite tequila and if that doesn't overly impress you, the brand also took home a Gold Medal from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.

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Text : Laurence D'Anonn Photos: ©Tyson Sadlo Posted 9/9/13

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