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Luxury hotels often form a central plot theme or location in Hollywood movies. If you're a budding screenwriter and feeling inspired by a recent stay at a W Hotel, Roman Coppola wants to turn your idea into a movie.

Coppola, W Hotels and Intel have launched a short film series and competition, 'Four Stories'. Writers are invited to submit a short screenplay set in a W Hotel, featuring an Intel Ultrabook as a key character in the script. A panel of distinguished judges will choose three screenplays that will be made into ten-minute short films produced by Roman's filmmaking company, The Directors Bureau.
The films, inspired by the 'intense energy of the global jet-setter', will be filmed at one of four W Hotels destinations worldwide (Maldives, Doha, Mexico City, or Washington D.C.).
...inspired by the 'intense energy of the global jet-setter'

The short film will premiere at red carpet events in select W Hotels destinations worldwide and will also be distributed online on The Ultrabook Experience website, W Hotels' website, the W brand's social media channels and W Vision in-room entertainment channel.

As part of this collaboration Intel is also working with designers and artists to create interactive, experiential Ultrabook installations that will live in W Hong Kong, W London-Leicester Square, W New York, W Paris-Opéra, W San Francisco and W Singapore, allowing both W guests and locals alike to interact with the technology. Ultrabook devices will also be integrated into the Whatever/Whenever concierge experience at all 42  luxury W hotels and retreats worldwide.

With all that luxury, privacy, interesting design, sense of the unfamiliar and numerous guests in W Hotels there is a wealth of material available to start writing - and with the numerous hotel stays TLTB readers have amassed we  that our readers have plenty of ideas to use.

For further information about the competition and entry details visit www.intel.com/fourstories
Sarah Bryans 17/8/12
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