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FUTURE LUXE: Krystall, Norway
What is the prettiest idea we've heard of for a hotel lately? Norway's floating snowflake. Available all year around, not just in winter, this hotel is cool in more ways than one.

Krystall Hotel, Norway in The Luxury Travel Bible

The five star Krystall will have 86 rooms, a spa and conference facilities all housed within a giant ice cool snowflake floating in the middle of a Norwegian fjord.  Inside the design is futuristic meets frozen with transparent walls, wide windows and sparkly ice-blue decorations. The Huffington Post reports that guests will walk down hallways with futuristic blue shapes, and relax in front of a fireplace made of transparent bricks. There will be space-age seating  everywhere.

krystall hotel on the luxury travel bible

Best of all a wall of windows will offer views of the snow-capped Norwegian coast. Go at the right time of year and this has to be the most spectacular way to see the Northern Lights. Krystall hotel is due to open off the mainland of Tromso, Norway in Christmas 2016.

Other floating concepts created by the developer Dutch Docklands include a floating golf course for the Maldives.

Koen Olthuis, the architect who created Krystall is known for his innovative on-water creations.
Luxury Links: www.waterstudio.nl/ , www.dutchdocklands.com/
Posted 8/8/14

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