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FUTURE LUXE: Strand Craft

The creators of the latest concept superyacht to come off the drawing board say they are giving away a supercar with ever yacht they sell. This has to be the most spectacular "buy one get one free offer "ever. We've known about this concept yacht for a while now but Kurt Strand of Swedish designers Strand Craft, recently told the UK Daily Mail that six of these babies were actually going into limited edition production. So if you happen to have $US24 million+ (20.5 million Euros) to spare Strand Craft will customise one for you and throw in this sleek supercar gratis. For those who like the under-the-bonnet stats, the car is powered by 880 horse power twin turbo V12 engine (that's a lot of stallions in our book) and reaches speeds of up to 230 miles (370 kilometres) an hour.

However it is the superyacht itself - designed in conjunction with the talented Eduard Gray of Gray Designs - that really knocks the luxury rating off the Richter scale. The Strand Craft 122 is a 38 metre (122ft), streak of beauty and power which can cut through the waves at up to 55 knots. The four state rooms, reception and salon all have Art Deco interiors, 132cm (52in) LED TVs and Bang & Olufsen sounds systems. And if you are wondering what to do with your supercar while you are sailing your superyacht, worry not the craft has an onboard garage built into the stern. They've thought of everything haven't they?

Now where's my black Amex card?

strand craft 122
strand craft 122
strand craft 122 in the water
art deco interior
Anne Paris 9/6/10
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