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FUTURE LUXE: DeepFlight Super Falcon
Laucala , the private Fijian island owned by Red Bull billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, has debuted the world's first resort-based DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible. The private submarine will allow guests at the exclusive resort to get up close to the coral reefs and  tropical fish in these pristine tropical waters are one of the biggest reasons people make the trip in the first place, and now guests can now explore these pristine waters.
The two-winged submersible has been created by San Francisco's Hawkes Ocean Technologies, famous for supplying high tech undersea craft  to filmmaker James Cameron and other undersea explorers. The agile Super Falcon looks more like a plane than a sub and enables passengers to 'fly' around the ocean, rather than simply ascending and descending. Passengers sit in transparent 'bubbles' for an all-round view.  Fellow billionaire Sir Richard Branson also has one to play with.
'We look forward to offering yet another exclusive and authentic experience to our guests with the new submersible,' said Laucala Island General Manager Andrew Thomson. 'This exhilarating underwater flight provides an unparalleled adventure in the beautiful waters of Fiji, with 360 degree views of magnificent coral reefs, abundant fish, amongst other marine life.'


At $2,000 an hour  the two passenger DeepFlight Super Falcon  is one of the only experiences not in included in Laucala's all-inclusive package. www.laucala.com www.traveltheworld.com.au

Lisa Edwards 3/8/14

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