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FUTURE LUXE: Aircruise - Slow is the new Fast
Well, all right taking 37 hours to fly from London to New York might push the buttons of the time-pressed, but for anyone who grew up on a diet of Jetsons-style fantasies Aircruise will be your dream. Designed like a vertical blimp, Aircruise is a hotel in the sky offering four duplex apartments, and five smaller apartments as well as a penthouse apartment and bar, lounge and communal zones.
With cool interiors that mould-in furniture and spa pools, there is also a promenade that takes you out to the edge. Best of all, The Luxury Travel Bible loves the glass-viewing floor and the greening of the air with solar power and primary hydrogen. With Samsung on board with creators Seymour Powell, this idea shouldn't be left up in the air for too much longer.

bridge perspective
bridge perspective
aircruise   common area
aircruise   kitchen graphic
aircruise   living space
aircruise   moon pool

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Prue Rushton, 18/4/10

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