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FUTURE LUXE: Aeroscraft
It may not be the sleekest airship on the drawing block, but it is one of the first in a new breed of luxe air cruising that will get off the ground. Aeroscraft adds a whole new dimension to private (and commercial) planes. Taking off like a helicopter and capable of hovering at very low heights, this reborn blimp offers go-anywhere freedom from airports.
It does require slipping into a slower gear of speed, maxing out at 138 miles per hour (222 kilometres per hour), however with 5,382 square feet (500 square metres) of cabin space you can hunker down for the trip. A private plan offers a stateroom and a guest room as well as a sport room, office/library and dining room. Needless to say it's the glass-sided and glass-bottomed observation deck that offers an ever-changing panorama to drool over. If you have a fair (make that fair-fair-fair) few million on ice, you can inquire about an Aeroscraft order now.
Prue Rushton, 19/4/10

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