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‘’Life is too short to not have oysters and champagne sometimes” - Christie Brinkley

One of London’s oldest restaurants, Wiltons are hosting a limited number of its sought-after Oyster Masterclasses. Hosted by the acclaimed and charming Oyster Master, Tommaso Sicurro the masterclass is described as being an ‘opportunity for the curious, the novice and the aficionado to join us in busting the myths that surround opening and eating oysters’.

There is no better place in London to indulge in oysters than Wiltons. The restaurant is synonymous with oysters having received a Royal Warrant in 1836 for supplying oysters to Queen Victoria. Today, the staff open between 400-500 oysters each day. 

The Masterclass takes place at the bar which is full of atmosphere being located just across from Winston Churchill’s preferred table, and it is surrounded by beautiful artwork of past patrons and former front of house staff. 

Following a welcome glass of Wiltons Cuvée, Tommaso led an extremely interesting and informative talk about Wiltons, facts about oysters and how to consume them as they were being shucked in front of us.


Participants of the Masterclass are presented with a range of oysters from around the British Isles. As we worked our way around the plate an animated discussion started amongst the group about the differences between each variety. We were reassured by Tommaso that oysters, like wine, are down to personal preference and taste, so all of our opinions were valid. 

Next was a platter of half a dozen dressed oysters, including traditional styles such as a Rockefeller and Wiltons’ own creation ‘Beau Brummel’ (named after the 19th century English Dandy, his statue stands proudly outside the restaurant on Jermyn Street).

My favourite from the Masterclass? The Oyster ‘Christian Dior’. Created by the man himself, from his 1972 cookbook ‘La Cuisine Cousu-Main’, it is made with sherry, cream and truffle. It is as decadent as it sounds and utterly delicious!

The 90-minute Masterclasses take place at 6 pm on the first Monday of each month in the traditional period for eating oysters in the UK, during months with an ‘r’ in them. 

The Masterclasses includes an informal yet informative presentation, a dozen oysters (six raw and six dressed), a glass of champagne, and two glasses of sommelier-selected white wine for £125 per person.

Luxury Link: www.wiltons.co.uk

Sarah Bryans 08/02/2023 
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