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The Rome EDITION  has announced the opening of its restaurant and bars including Anima, the property’s signature restaurant, spearheaded by much celebrated Roman chef Paola Colucci. Anima seats up to 120 guests, is open to both hotel guests and visitors for breakfast, lunch and dinner and features its own private garden for alfresco dining. Anima, meaning ‘soul’ in Italian, speaks true to the dishes prepared by Chef Paola. The menu, influenced by the different regional cuisines of Italy, has a-la-carte options that respect the seasonality of the local ingredients.

In a city known for its food and culture (Rome is the EDITION brand’s first venture into Italy) Chef Paola will bring her wealth of knowledge and passion to lead the kitchen and culinary offerings across the entirety of the hotel.
Chef Paola Colucci opened her first restaurant ‘Pianostrada’ nine years ago in Trastevere, Rome alongside her best friend and business partner, Chiara Magliocchetti, and her two daughters, Alice and Flaminia Spognetta. Colucci is recognised as one of Rome’s most intuitive chefs, and is a firm believer in the emotionality of food and the importance of interacting with her guests; which is one of the reasons why the kitchen at The Rome EDITION is open-fronted, screened with ambered glass, allowing social exchange and connection between chef and guests dining.

Tell us more about The Rome EDITION’s signature restaurant Anima - what can guests expect?
Guests can expect a truly memorable dining experience, crafted with meticulous attention and care. Everything is designed to delight our patrons taste buds and satisfy their culinary cravings.

What is your favourite dish on the Anima menu and why?
The Spaghettone al pomodoro is my absolute favorite! The combination of ingredients I use to prepare it evokes a wonderfully “comfortable” sensation. It's a dish that takes me back in time, reminiscent of the comforting aromas of my home on a Sunday morning. When I would wake, I would already smell the lunch that was being prepared. 

As well as Anima, The Rome EDITION features other dining options and bars – what makes these special?
The shared essence running through the cuisine of every restaurant and bar within this hotel undoubtedly centers on the excellence of the ingredients utilized and the meticulous attention to every aspect, all without veering into undue formality.

What do you consider to be essential to create a special dining experience.
The unique equilibrium between the dining area and the kitchen is truly special, fostering an atmosphere of wholesome camaraderie and a warm welcome that ensures every guest feels like when at home.

Which country (in your opinion) has the best cuisine?
Undoubtedly, Italy. It's not just about the diverse range of ingredients but also the rich culinary heritage. Moreover, in Italy, we boast numerous renowned chefs who not only pay homage to our culinary traditions but also lead the way with their creativity, charting new culinary horizons.

What was your most memorable meal ever, or is that an impossible question to answer?
It’s not impossible at all. It was a memorable dinner, orchestrated by my dear friend and one of my favorite chefs, Anthony Genovese, right here in Rome. The culinary experience and the heartfelt hospitality are truly special.

Food creates memories. Is there a dish that instantly evokes a favourite travel experience or destination?

For me, the Amalfi Coast and the exquisite Pasta alla Nerano hold a special place in my heart. In my view, no dish is as deeply intertwined with its territory as Pasta alla Nerano.

When travelling, is there a 'comfort food' dish which reminds you of home?
Wherever I travel, I make it a point to sample olive oil and bread. These are the essential components that I never want to overlook in my culinary adventures, nor in my kitchen, no matter where I am.

What does 'luxury ' (in relation to travel) mean to you?
The true luxury experience, in my view, lies in the ability to identify what brings you comfort in a particular moment and actually attain it. Whether it's a flawlessly crafted dish that perfectly suits my palate or a tranquil destination that instills a sense of relaxation, this is what defines luxury for me.

Which item(s) of food sum up luxury for you?
For me, culinary luxury is intertwined with the simplicity and authenticity of the flavors. When a single tomato can taste incredibly delicious, that, to me, constitutes a luxurious experience.

Which three foods would you take to a desert island?
Bread, olive oil, and tomatoes - and if I were to add a fourth, it would undoubtedly be basil leaves. 

Luxury Hotels Link: www.editionhotels.com/rome/ 

Sarah Bryans 27/09/2023

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