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David Rockwell - Founder of the Rockwell Group

The Designer: David Rockwell
David Rockwell
                   David Rockwell
The Profile: David Rockwell is a designer and architect who founded the renowned Rockwell Group. This award winning practice has been commissioned with a range of projects from luxury hotels to hospitals. Over his 30-year career Rockwell has been much honored and awarded for his design work, recently receiving the lifetime achievement award from Interiors Magazine, and an induction into Interiors Magazine's Hall of Fame.
The Style: Rockwell describes his design philosophy as "crafting a unique and individual narrative approach" which is fundamental to creating a successful design. Drawing from different landscapes around the world Rockwell is able to explore and express a style that is  unique through its quirky and eccentric taste. The son of a vaudeville dancer, Rockwell has built his long career on the premise that designing interior spaces is a form of theatre. "It is all storytelling", he has said. Rockwell describes hotels as a fantasy believing, "You can cast yourself in a different fantasy each night" often combining the sensational with a rough and raw urban edge.

The Belvedre Hotel, Mykonos SE San Diego Lobby SE San Diego Hotel Room

The Hotels: His success with Starwood's first W in New York led to some 30 other hotels. Recently Rockwell debuted the company's new discount-chic Aloft chain.
Independent hotel designs of note include:
                                                                                The Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos, Greece
                                                                                The Carlton Hotel, Manhattan, New York 
                                                                                Greenwich Hotel, New York
                                                                                The Watercolour Inn, Florida
                                                                                Se San Diego, California     
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