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OPEN PASSPORT: Robert Pattinson
Sucking young blood is his prerogative in the Twilight saga but where does ever teens dream like to travel to in his spare time -Transylvania possibly?

He first came to the attentions of red-blooded teenage and tweenage girls as the swoon-worthy Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire at the age of 19. Having since nabbed the role of the dark and brooding vampire, Edward Cullen, in the Twilight Saga and reaching the ripe old age of 23, Robert Pattinson has fructified into a fully-fledged heart-throb.



Pattinson has been quoted as saying he lives his life in hotel rooms - not only as a result of working all the time but also because of the frenzied attention he receives from fans - but this is something he disputes.

"It's funny because I never have a huge amount of foresight in interviews so I end up describing my day rather than the surrounding months whenever I'm asked that question," he explains. "So when I did that interview I was kind of trapped in a hotel room when we shot the last [Twilight film] in Vancouver. But there are always ways and places you can disappear to, it just involves a bit more thought. You can't just wander around."
"... there are always ways and places you can disappear to, it just involves a bit more thought. You can't just wander around."

A bit of thought found him seeking out a couple of haunts in Vancouver that he could retreat to. One of them was the Yaletown Brewing Company on Mainland Street, said to be the best 'brew pub' in Vancouver. Another was The Backstage Lounge on Granville Island where he watched his friend and fellow musician Bobby Long play a gig.

As a London lad, Robert also likes to hang out in the city. And even though he says he doesn't get much opportunity to just chill, "when you're working all the time, you're just doing the same thing: you're waking up at 5.30am and going home too tired to do anything else other than go to bed," he's been known to enjoy the pubs and bars around Soho and Mayfair.

There are still other Twilight books due to receive the Hollywood treatment so while the shooting of the Twilight saga continues it's likely he'll be spending his time in the near future in Vancouver more than than anywhere else. So if you're ever in the area be sure to check out the local bar scene as you could find yourself standing next to the delicious R-Pattz.

pattinson'S CHOICE
Yaletown Brewing Company: www.markjamesgroup.com/yaletown
The Backstage Lounge: www.thebackstagelounge.com

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Robert Pattinson was talking to Kim Francis. This article appeared on WhereAndNow.com a London-centric magazine that provides inspiration on where to eat, sleep, drink, travel as well as upcoming events in the English capital.
Posted 12/12/10

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