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Jessica Alba is a Golden Globe-nominated actress whose career includes roles in films such as 'Fantastic Four' and 'Sin City', as well as television series like 'Dark Angel', 'The Office' and 'Entourage'. The California native comes from modest beginnings, and never lost her zeal to share her good fortune with others. In 2012, she founded The Honest Company in order to create safe and effective consumer products that were beautifully designed, accessibly priced, and easy to get. Since its inception, the mission-driven Company has donated over five million products and over 11,000 employee participation hours through its Honest to Goodness program.
But, there is one role she enjoys above all others: Mom. 'Being a mom is the most profound experience I’ve ever had,' she says.  As a mother of young daughters, Jessica admits she feels an intense responsibility to give her children the best possible start. “When I became a mom, I finally became the person I am, that I always should have been,” she says. “It’s the most satisfying job in the world. But, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. I created The Honest Company to provide families with access to education and safe and effective products.” Here she talks to our friend at Rosewood Hotels  about why she loves Mexico.
What are some of your tips for traveling with kids?
As a family, we like to pick one or two activities to do together each day. We take turns picking activities, so that everyone has a say, and sometimes that’s easier than trying to get the kids to agree on one activity. Part of the fun is just relaxing and being spontaneous, but having a few specific things planned is always a good idea, especially if they’re high-energy activities that will tire the kids out!
The best children’s activity at the Riviera Maya?
We love exploring the Mayan ruins! Ek-Balam is bit more off the beaten path than Chichen Itza or Uxmal, so it’s a fun site to visit. Afterwards, we might go kayaking or take a bike ride through the jungle – the lush scenery makes even a quick ride an adventure.
Which was your most memorable family activity at Rosewood Mayakoba? 
One of our favorite things to do together is cook as a family. We recently had a family dinner at Rosewood Mayakoba where we picked herbs and vegetables from the resort’s garden and helped the chef prepare an authentic meal. It was such a fun night for the kids, and it was also educational since they got to learn about traditional Mexican cuisine.
What’s your favourite cocktail, snack or local dish?
I like to start my day with a green chaya juice – it’s the perfect way to refresh before heading to the beach! For a special treat, the kids and I love a scoop of Yucatan honey ice cream.
For first time visitors, what is the one “must-do” activity?
Swimming in the cenotes, which are natural swimming holes. We didn’t actually get a chance to do this on our first trip to Playa Del Carmen so we jumped at the opportunity this year. We went to Cenote Azul and swimming in the fresh water through the underground river systems is something I will never forget. It was magical.
Do you have a favourite local spa treatment? 
For something really local and authentic to the area, try the Mayan Healing Hands Experience. It’s inspired by a traditional Mayan healing practice and is not only detoxifying but restorative.

What’s your go-to beach outfit?
A big, floppy hat and a breezy cover-up is a must! A pair of oversized sunglasses can add just a touch of glamour to a relaxed look, and plenty of sunscreen, always!
What’s your go-to workout activity when you’re on vacation?
I do go to the gym when I’m on vacation, but I prefer to stay active with outdoor activities such as bike rides, kayaking, swimming, and runs on the beach whenever possible. It’s a great way to take in the scenery and spend quality time with my kids.
Your ideal day in the Riviera Maya?
I like to wake up early and go for a run on the beach. Then we’ll ride our bikes to breakfast with the kids. The morning is all about the beach before lunch, and then maybe I’ll treat myself to a massage. In the afternoon, we’ll do some snorkeling, or poke around the boutiques in Playa del Carmen before dinner.
What is your vacation indulgence?
As a parent, I always like to make time for at least one “date night” with my husband. We love spending time with our kids, but it would be a shame not to take advantage of the romantic setting, and it’s exciting to get dressed up and have a special evening together – it makes vacation that much more memorable.

Where Jessica Stayed;
Surrounded by emerald jungle and pristine white beaches, Rosewood Mayakoba is a Riviera Maya resort that defines a private world of rare luxury and refined beauty.

Reprinted with kind permission of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts www.rosewoodhotels.com


Posted 01/07/2019


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