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OPEN PASSPORT: Amanda Seyfried

The Letters to Juliet star explains why it's South Carolina that has captured the imagination of this silver-screened beauty.

Having filmed Mamma Mia on the idyllic island of Skopelos you might expect Amanda Seyfried to wax lyrical about the stunning scenery and glorious peace and quiet in this Greek slice of paradise. But it's South Carolina that whets the actress's imagination.


Amanda Seyfried

"The South is a whole different thing all together," she says. "It's got something about it - an energy. It's romantic. It's just so beautiful."
South Carolina is where Amanda filmed Dear John - a weepie about an intense love affair based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks (A Walk to Remember and The Notebook).
The film was shot almost entirely within and around the beautiful and historic city of Charleston. The city's varied architecture and rich landscape lent themselves as fine settings for key locations in the film, including her character Savannah's beach house (Sullivan's Island), the pier where she first meets John (Isle of Palms) and the beach where the lovers later argue (Folly Beach).
Strangely enough at the time, Charleston was place where Amanda had never previously set foot. Inspired by co-star Channing Tatum who originates from South Carolina, it's a place with which Amanda has now fallen in love. 
 "It's got something about it - an energy. It's romantic. It's just so beautiful."

"I loved Charleston!" she exclaims. "Basically, I was able to work and love my work - and have a great time with everybody who was shooting on set because everybody loved Charleston."
Amanda identifies with Channing's enthusiasm for the region's food. He confesses to a hankering for its southern fried chicken and seafood as well as Jim and Nick's 'amazing' cheese muffins. In fact, she loves Charleston so much she has her eye on a property there.
"There's a vibe there that doesn't exist in the north, or the west. The people are amazing. It's beautiful," she enthuses. "It's old; it's very historic. I dream about it and there's still a house there I would love to buy one day - I'd just have to pick it up. For me life in Charleston is a dream and you can't have a life like that anywhere else."
Despite the romantic lead parts of the film Dear John it might actually be Charleston that's the real star of this particular love story. 
Charleston: www.charleston.com
Jim N' Nicks: www.jimnnicks.com
Skopelos: www.skopelos.net 
Amanda Seyfried was talking to Kim Francis. Posted 1/2/11
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