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Everyone has a favourite place. A place of solace and comfort. A place to clear your head and switch off from the pressures of the world. And even the most successful people have their own retreats. Our friends at Berkeley Build have created these illustrations portraying the headspaces of the most popular celebrities and their favourite places to go. You may be surprised to hear that not all of their favourite locations are as exotic as their bank balances.  

Steve Jobs - Kona Village, Hawaii 
Steve Jobs was a visionary who revolutionised the way we live our lives. He was one of the founders of Apple, the company that has redefined smart technology, design and convenience. Steve Jobs would retreat to Kona Village Resort to escape the pressures of his high-profile life however and the tech guru favoured it because of its complete lack of technology. No phones or televisions, this rural, secluded and serene setting was perfect for helping him unwind and relax. Unfortunately, a tsunami in 2011 wiped out the resort. It is however undergoing renovation and refurbishment, with a re-opening set for 2019. Before Steve’s death he contacted the owner to make sure the refurbishment preserved the nature of the original hales.



Princess Diana - The Sunken Garden, Kensington
Princess Diana’s favourite place was the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace and the natural setting was where she sought inspiration. She would often tell the gardeners at the palace how much she loved the garden. It is now known as the White Garden and is dedicated to her memory, featuring her favourite flowers (forget-me-nots) and is open to the public.

Oprah Winfrey - Her Own Garden, California
While Oprah Winfrey is America’s first black billionaire who has gone from strength to strength in the media world, now owning a TV empire after spending years being the host of America’s most popular talk show, she still takes her inspiration from life’s smallest pleasures. Oprah’s happy place is in her back garden with her dogs. She grows her own fruit and vegetables, sharing her penchant for agriculture on her social media channels. To call it a garden isn’t really doing it justice, it is more of a farm. It has fields of lavender, gorgeous oak trees and stunning flowers and is where life makes sense for Oprah. It’s this serene setting however where Oprah frequents when she needs inspiration and creativity.


Bill Gates - Dalmatian Coast, Croatia Where does self-made billionaire Bill Gates like to unwind and find inspiration for their next big project? Someone with the means of Bill Gates can relax in a different country every day if he wanted to, but there’s one place that he keeps going back to. It’s the Dalmatian Coast, which dominates the southern half of Croatia. Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries on this planet, and Bill Gates holds it in high regard as a place to relax and unwind. He pays special tribute to a town called Skradin. It has a population of less than 4,000 people, offering a welcome change of pace to Gates’ otherwise hectic lifestyle.

Barack Obama - Kailua Bay, Oahu Island, Hawaii
The first black president finds solace in his birthplace of Hawaii. The aloha spirit of Hawaii shaped Obama into the man he is today, and even as president he would holiday in Kailua Bay with his family. He was born there and spent the majority of his childhood there too. Despite the huge success he went on to achieve and all the hard work he put in to get there, he still holds his birthplace close to his heart, so much so that’s it’s his go to happy place.


Carrie Fisher - The Central School of Speech and Drama in Swiss Cottage Carrie Fisher has become a cultural icon, with her turn as Princess Leia immortalised by the global, everlasting success of the Star Wars franchise. Carrie Fisher had her demons and went through rough times, as has been well documented, but whenever she came to London, she felt at home. Fisher went to drama school in London, namely The Central School of Speech and Drama, which planted the seeds for her adoration of the UK’s capital. Carrie Fisher, who sadly passed away in 2016, appreciated and felt a special affinity with London’s architecture, history and markets.

David Bowie - Washington Square Park, NY
David Bowie’s favourite place wasn’t because of its serenity or peace, but rather was a big source of inspiration to him. He adopted New York as a home away from home and he had a deep love for the city. His favourite place in New York City was Washington Square Park. This park was a place where people from all walks of life would mix and it was for that reason that Bowie enjoyed it so. The park also had a sentimental value for Bowie as it is very near to where he recorded his first US number one hit, Fame.


LUXURY INSIDER SAYS… Your happy place is completely subjective but it’s perhaps interesting to see that some of the most successful leaders in the world, have chosen to opt for smaller more reserved locations as the source of their inspiration rather than the exotic celebrity hotspots you may have expected. Of course, these celebrities have experienced luxury holidays around the world and visited some of the most secluded destinations but the places they hold in their hearts and frequent to unwind and reset are some of the most unique places.

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Posted 19/7/18


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