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OPEN PASSPORT: Michael Sheen
HE HAS PLAYED ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair three times; in The Deal (2003), The Queen (2006) and now in the newly released The Special Relationship (2010), opposite Dennis Quaid as Clinton. Born in Wales he still holidays in his parents' home on a hillside above the seaside town of Port Talbot but now Michael Sheen also has a 'special relationship' with grander parts of Europe such as Rome and Venice.   

Michael Sheen is most famous for brilliantly mimicking the famous figures of Brian Clough, David Frost, Kenneth Williams and Tony Blair in high profile screen dramas. But he has also played a vampire in the Twilight series and been transformed into the iconic white rabbit in Tim Burton's version of the classic Lewis Carroll tale Alice in Wonderland

Michael Sheen as Tony Blair

As it happens, Michael wasn't forced to don the fluffy tail and floppy ears, much to his disappointment, since the character was entirely computer-generated but nevertheless, playing the white rabbit was a character the Welshman relished. With such an intense work ethic, you wonder just how this charming Brit manages to switch off. Just as Alice escapes her existence by transporting herself into the dream-like world of Wonderland, Michael Sheen tells what he does to transport himself to calmer environs.

"I love reading and films so I suppose my big escape is that," he says. "There's nothing like reading a really good story that you can lose yourself in; where you just can't stop - you just want to keep going back to it. And I still love nothing better than going to the cinema. I find that really wonderful."

' My dream holiday is still to go to the North Pole and see the Northern Lights - one day."   

He says spending time with his daughter also helps. "She's getting older now - she's 11 - but you still sort of see the world through new eyes when you're with your child. So that's in some ways an escape for me. I don't feel the need to escape as much as I used to, I suppose. I just really enjoy my life."

And who can blame him? His career in recent years has gone from strength to strength and he clearly enjoys everything that fame and success brings. Including travelling, although he admits to not going away as often as he'd like.


"I've just been to Italy," he says. "I went to Rome for the first time for a holiday. Rome and Venice. We had two sunny days in Rome, which was great. I loved that. I'm usually not a big one for holidays though. I suppose it's because my work takes me around the world so much so it feels like I'm on holiday even though I'm not. But I've now kind of made myself do that a bit more. I loved being in Venice and Rome - that was gorgeous. My dream holiday is still to go to the North Pole and see the Northern Lights - one day."

Presumably that one day will be when he is less busy. But for now, it seems that Michael is more than happy just to carry on adding to his glittering acting portfolio.



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