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OPEN PASSPORT: George Clooney

His latest film, The American has Clooney playing an assassin trying to escape his past by retreating to the Italian countryside. Before that Up in the Air had him spending more time at 30,000 feet than he ever did on the ground.  So travel and airports are an important part of Clooney's life both on and off screen. When he is not relaxing in his villa on the shores of Lake Como, Italy many of his travels are of the whistlestop variety. In London recently he stood still just long enough to talk about a few of his favourite havens in the UK's busy capital.

George Clooney's been a busy boy. But is it 'all work and no play'? Of course not. Here he gives a run down of his favourite London haunts.

George Clooney

However, he insists he has had no time to visit some of his favourite haunts on this trip to the capital. "I've been here for about 30 hours so far. I've eaten in the hotel twice [ The Dorchester] and I've done two press conferences, so this hasn't been one of my greater, get-out-and-visit London kind of things. I haven't been able to hit any of the pubs or anything," he says. Although, he did get a chance to hang out in Portman Square's exclusive private members' club, Home House after the Gala screening of his latest film, The Men Who Stare At Goats this appears to have alluded him.

Its low-key exterior possesses little to distinguish it from any of the other 18th century buildings surrounding it but that's all part of the appeal of this discreet, elegant venue. Its décor is in keeping with the building's late 1700s origins, all except for the sleek and futuristic House bar, which is strikingly incongruous amid the otherwise traditional styling.

..he's a fan of Mayfair's Whiskey Mist bar. He even visited once with...Matt Damon after dinner at the Nobu Berkeley

It's fair to assume he's a fan of bars, so often is he seen with a waitress on his arm. Former girlfriends Celine Balitran, Lucy Wolvert and Sarah Larson were all waitresses. So what qualifies as one of the 'fun' places in London for Gorgeous George? Well, it seems he's a fan of Mayfair's Whiskey Mist bar. He even visited once with Cindy Crawford's husband Rande Gerber and Matt Damon and his wife, after dinner at the Nobu Berkeley.

The Dorchester, London

As much as George talks about hitting pubs, on this evidence it seems he's more likely to rock up at a swanky city hangout than the Dog and Duck on a Wednesday night. But who knows? Keep your eyes peeled next time you're down your local. That handsome chap chatting up the buxom barmaid next to you could well be a certain suave movie star...



The Berkeley: www.the-berkeley.co.uk
Whiskey Mist bar: http://www.whiskymist.com
Kim Francis Update 19/9/10
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