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Fashion guru Gok Wan's new series of How to Look Good Naked is currently airing in the US, the UK and Australia. Here he reveals the naked truth about his passion for travel and keeping a healthy  work/life balance.
"I work hard but I like to play hard too - I try and take three non-working holidays a year!

I'm off to San Francisco in the U.S. with my sister at the end of August. Who would have thought it!? A gay man attracted to San Francisco! Whatever next!

Gok Wan

Actually, to be serious, it's not about it being the gay capital of the world but all about it being a stunningly beautiful city with a whole range of really exciting exhibitions that I want to visit. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing an exhibition of the artist Andy Warhol's work that's going to be on while I'm out there.

And this will be a proper holiday, without stress - I hope! My sister, Oilen, doesn't drink and is very laid back so I'm sure we will chill and have a relaxing time, which we both need to have.

"I have, rather belatedly, developed a passion for Europe and am starting to appreciate its beautiful cities"

My dad was born in Hong Kong although I don't think it's just for that reason that I have a passion for Asia. I love the culture, the weather and the food, out there, and I'd name countries such as China, Vietnam and Japan as being among my favourite destinations. I've been travelling to them for years.

Mind you, the food over there can be my downfall. I have no switch-off gauge, when it comes to eating, so the combination of delicious, Asian dishes and my propensity to put on weight (Gok weighed 21 stone as a teenager but is now nine stone lighter) can be lethal!

Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org

As well as Asia, I have, rather belatedly, developed a passion for Europe and am starting to appreciate its beautiful cities, such as Paris. I'm really quite excited by this because there is so much to discover and places such as Florence, Rome, Madrid and Prague are definitely on my list to visit over the next few years. And I shouldn't forget about London, either. I was born in Leicester but London' s my adopted city with the most stunning architecture and a really vibrant culture.

I love travel. It takes me away from the stresses of work - and a city in south-east Asia is light years away from the council estate in Leicester where I was born and grew up."



China: www.cnto.org
This article appeared on WhereAndnow.com WhereAndNow is a London-centric magazine that provides inspiration on where to eat, sleep, drink, travel as well as upcoming events in the English capital.
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