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GOURMET TRAVEL: Ibiza cocktails 

What better way to celebrate  World Cocktail Day (13th May) than with an summery cocktail. Aiyanna Ibiza, Ibiza Gran Hotel and Amante have revealed their signature cocktails to be enjoyed throughout summer.

They have kindly revealed the recipes to create cocktails which evoke the sun-kissed shores of Ibiza and capture the island's irresistible allure, all from the comfort of your own home.


Aiyanna Ibiza: The Kiss
This year Aiyanna’s new cocktail menu draws inspiration from art, with each cocktail representing a world-famous painting, through their depth of flavour. Aiyanna's cocktails are bold, expressive, and delicious, each crafted like a work of art. Among them, 'The Kiss' stands out as a must-try cocktail. Named after the symbolist oil painting by Gustav Klimt, the cocktail resembles the painting’s blend of exotic love and passion. 

The Kiss Cocktail Recipe:

Mezcal (30 ml)
Reposado Tequila (30 ml)
Bergamot Rosolio (30ml)
Passion Fruit (50ml)
Kumquat Pieces (5)
Vanilla (15ml)
Pinch of Salt 

Shake the ingredients all together, strain over a glass with ice and garnish with a flamed orange wedge. 


Ibiza Gran Hotel: The Kaiseki
This year Ibiza Gran Hotel’s signature cocktail is called the Kaiseki. This beautifully balanced, gastronomic cocktail serves to perfectly compliment the Japanese inspired cuisine in the hotel’s signature Michelin star restaurant La Gaia. The mezcal's smoky notes intermingle with the fiery kick of tequila, while the luscious blend of honey and pineapple delivers a warm and sweet finish to every sip. When drinking this cocktail, barman Dani Martinez suggests savoring this tantalizing tipple slowly to truly savor its complexity.

The Kaiseki Cocktail Recipe:
Mezcal Espadin (30 ml)
Reposado Tequila with red chilis (30ml)
Green Chartreause (15ml)
Marrasquino (10ml)
Lime juice (25 ml)
Honey syrup (25ml)
Toasted pineapple juice (35 ml)
Angostura bitters (2 dashes)
Ice Cubes (1 shovel)

Add all ingredients to a tin, shake and strain over a glass with ice. 


Amante: The Affair
Amante’s signature cocktail, defines a summer escape. Tropical and fresh, The Affair is everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure to sip on, whilst soaking in the sun to the backdrop noise of waves hitting the cliff.

The Affair Cocktail Recipe:

Bombay Sapphire (50ml)
Passion Fruit (20ml)
Fresh Strawberry’s (70ml)
Ginger Juice (20ml)

Add ingredients into a blender with ice and serve with fruit to decorate

Cheers to that!

Luxury Links: www.aiyannaibiza.com , www.ibizagranhotel.com , www.amanteibiza.com

Sarah Bryans 12/05/2023 
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