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GOURMET TRAVEL: Chocolate Buffet, The Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok

What’s better than chocolate? More chocolate of course!

The Chocolate Buffet at the five-star Sukhothai Hotel is considered a must-do while visiting Bangkok. The Luxury Travel Bible knew that this was something not to be missed, and we weren't wrong.

Despite being called a Chocolate Buffet there is much more available than just cocoa. Following in the tradition of the British Afternoon Tea (but with a Thai twist), there is an extensive selection of savoury snacks such as appetisers, fresh fruit and sushi. There are also sweet treat stations that include numerous cakes and desserts including macarons, truffles and choux pastries created by the Sukhothai’s very talent pastry chefs. 


The standout star of the event is the chocolate trolley which features over twenty bowls of chocolate. Ranging from 100% pure cocoa to milk chocolate and white chocolate there is a chocolate to suit everybody. TLTB’s favourite was a double fermented chocolate with a delicate passion fruit flavour. 

With Executive Pastry Chef Laurent Ganguillet at the helm, we were able to sample various chocolates from the trolley in order to explore the vastly different styles and strengths of chocolate. This not only expanded our knowledge and taste buds it is also a decadently delicious experience. The lovely Chef Laurent is a fountain of knowledge on chocolate and will answer any of your numerous questions about the delicacy.  

Chef Laurent will then ask about your tastes and then blend a selection of chocolates to craft a cup of Hot Chocolate for you to enjoy. 


Everyone was entered at the theatricality from Chef Laurent while he warmed milk and melted chocolate over an open flame in silver jugs and then blended these together to create a unique rich liquid cup of chocolate. He certainly has a charismatic flare when he finished each cup off with a dollop of rich whipped cream or a sprinkle of seasoning such as sea salt or cinnamon. 

Once your drink has been created Chef Laurent will expertly describe the blend of flavours and flavour notes you were going to discover, much as if you were wine tasting at a vineyard.

TLTB says that this isn’t a time to play it safe. You should definitely be adventurous in your selection and pick a unique blend for your Hot Chocolate ... and then spice it up with a hint of seasoning!

One of the nicest aspects of the whole Chocolate Buffet experience is that after your Hot Chocolate has been blended you can sit and enjoy it in the hotel’s beautiful Lobby Salon. The Sukhothai green silks that hang on the walls and the views over the hotel grounds create a perfect location to enjoy such a decadent afternoon. 

 Luxury Insider says… Apparently the record for the number of hot chocolates drunk in one session is six by a nine-year-old boy. According to Chef Laurent the little boy enjoyed many repeated trips up to the trolley to ask for another cup, although it is unclear how he felt later that day after so many cups in one go! TLTB managed two hot chocolates and they were delicious! 

The Chocolate Buffet at the Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok is held every Friday-Sunday from 2-5 pm and during select occasions. 

Luxury Hotels Link: www.sukhothai.com/bangkok/en

Sarah Bryans, Posted 10/4/19

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