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LUXURY LODGE:  Leroo La Tau, Botswana 

When I first arrived in Botswana I had mentioned to a guide at Chobe Game Lodge that my favourite animals are Zebras and that was what I was looking forward to seeing the most. He laughed and said I would not be disappointed as Zebras are in abundance at Leroo La Tau. 

He certainly wasn’t lying as I really did achieve my goal of spotting Zebras here. Thousands and thousands of zebra come to graze by the river from around May to November, seeking fresh grass in what is Africa’s second biggest zebra migration – so the wildlife sightings here are spectacular.

Leroo La Tau may translate as ‘Lion’s Paw’ but even from just my chalet I was spotting zebras, elephants and crocodiles  This has to be the easiest Safari as I didn’t even have to leave my balcony to watch the animals I had come to Botswana to see. 

Leroo La Tau is the prime location for watching wildlife as it sits along the Boteti River, which is the main outflow of the Okavango Delta. The river lay dry for almost two decades but began to flow again in 2009. The river is a lifeline for the animals living in the national park. As well as Zebras and Elephants guests can also expect to spot herds of giraffes, oryx, wildebeests, springbok, hippos, impalas and vultures. 

Morning and afternoon game drives take guests along the river and into the bushlands, and of course a stop for sundowners along the riverbank is mandatory. 

Depending on water levels guests can also be taken on boat safaris along the river to see wildlife from a different aspect. Below the lodge is a hidden hide to view, safely, the wildlife at the water’s edge.

The camp features just 11 chalets and one family suite. The property has recently undergone a renovation and redesign to create a more luxurious feel. The camp only accommodates a maximum of 24 guests and the chalets are spaciously spread out along the banks of the river so it really did feel exclusive and private throughout my stay. 

My thatched roof chalet was stylish with African art and all of the chalets are glass fronted and feature large balconies so the panoramic views across the river really are stunning. 

I am declaring that my chalet is the winner of best ‘Shower with a View’. One morning I realised my unique experience as I had the most amazing scene outside of my bathroom window as a herd of Zebras were making their way down the river, closely followed by a herd of Elephants. 

I certainly took full advantage of my chalet’s large balcony when I wasn’t out on a safari drive. Just sitting watching the ever changing scene, marvelling at what I was watching from one moment to the next and just revelling in the peace. 


The main building of the lodge is in the style of a classic bush camp and is where the guests meet for drinks and dining. The intimacy of the lodge allows guests to connect together easily. Evenings were spent chatting, mainly sharing stories of what we had already done and what was next on each of our itineraries while in Botswana. 

As darkness fell each night we would make our way down to sit around the firepit to chat but also to listen out for the sounds of the no longer visible wildlife down at the river.

Guests staying at Leroo La Tau for a three night stay can experience a night under the stars on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. Leroo La Tau was already a memorable stay but the opportunity to experience the sleep out made it unforgettable. 


Luxury Link: www.desertdelta.com

Sarah Bryans, 14/08/2023
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