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LUXURY SPAS: Halele'a Spa, St Regis Princeville, Kauai

The name of the spa means "House of Joy' which bodes well from the start. Although it is on the idyllic island of Kauai the spa design owes more to traditional St Regis opulence than it does to Hawaiian style, with Murano glass chandeliers and polished wood floors. But that's not a bad thing. No hula skirts here but plenty of Aloha spirit - "At the St. Regis Princeville Resort, we acknowledge the therapeutic properties of birdsong and morning sun. We find the caress of a trade wind as renewing as the hand of a masseur. And we believe that pure water holds miraculous power to cleanse the spirit". The spa ingredients make good uses of Kaua'i's pure, natural resources and the treatments utilise authentic Hawaiian healing traditions.

The Ambience: Located just off the grand lobby of the St Regis Princeville resort the giant sliding wooden doors of the spa are gateway to paradise.   The lobby itself has stunning views of the beautiful Kauai coastline and Hanalei Bay but inside the spa it is all low lights and serene spaces. There are 12 treatment rooms, including a couple's room and a VIP room.   Relaxation lounges have day beds, floaty curtains and calm music.
On the Menu:   Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage

The Treatment: A traditional Hawaiian treatment this is a massage like no other. Stephany the therapist tells me "It can leave people feeling euphoric". I hope so.  The treatment begins with a Hawaiian chant, 'Auhea ke Akua' - a blessing which in translation wishes me 'inner peace, life-force, essence, and above all...love'. All of which can't be bad for starters.  Broad undulating strokes remind me of the waves on the surf-lovers ocean outside and I wander if this is why the treatment is so beloved of these island people.  

60 0r 90 minutes available    

The Result:  My body feels as fluid as water, all the tension gone. Am I euphoric? Maybe. I certainly feel as if I float rather than walk out of the spa.

Luxury Spa Facts : St Regis Princeville Resort, 5520 Ka Haku Road, Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii 96722, USA
Luxury Spa Link: www.stregisprinceville.com
Hilary Doling 10/10/12
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