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LUXURY SPAS: AMP Salon and Spa at Palms Resort, Las Vegas

LOCATED ON the ground level of the hotel at the back of the casino and amongst the restaurants, this salon could easily be missed and it would be an awful shame if so.

The Ambience: It's where celebrities like the Hilton family and beauty queens go to get there hair coloured by Michael Boychuck so this salon is unsurprising thriving and busy.

With hair dryers on in one section and a makeup station in another, this is the ultimate place to come to when getting ready for a legendary Vegas night out.

On the Menu: Signature pedicure: $125 Gelish manicure: $70

The Treatment: I opted for a luxury pedicure and a Gelish manicure. Customers can sit back with a drink in a massaging chair while a therapist works away at removing dead skin, cuticles and uneven nail bed surfaces. The rejuvenating treatment is completed with a moisturizing leg rub.

Instead of the usual manicure I chose the long-lasting alternative to nail polish which is sealed in with a UV light machine. The gels come in an extensive range of shades to compete with less sophisticated nail varnish.

The Result: Afterwards I felt preened and polished to perfection. My manicure was still going strong three weeks later.

Luxury Spa facts: 4321 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Leah Simpson 3/7/12
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