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NEW SPA SPOTLIGHT: Geo Spa, Four Seasons Langkawi

So beautiful we had to use it as our latest cover, the new Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi opened less than two months ago, yet already it is gaining a reputation as one of the most impressive spas in Malaysia. Nature-lovers adore the fact that the spa distils the ancient energies of Langkawi's UNESCO Geopark into bespoke natural treatments by spa company ila.

"The whole of Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is about reconnecting guests to the Geopark's natural heritage," explains Spa Director Livia Reddington. The UNESCO park is an area that protects the most delicate flora and flauna, the ethos of the spa means guests are nurtured just as lovingly. The spa's acclaimed aim is to ' operate with utmost natural and ethical integrity'. To this end ila treatments use only the finest plant and mineral ingredients produced in harmony with nature and indigenous communities in the surrounding area.

Protected by limestone cliffs, the Geo Spa has six open air spa pavilions which seem to float among reflecting ponds and are surrounded by curtains of green tropical plants. It would be easy to spend a day drifting from bathing ritual to Vichy spa pavilion, to massage without ever leaving the confines of the impressive spa.

"Here in the Spa we wanted to focus on the very specific healing benefits of that nature. Working with ila to create bespoke treatments has enabled us to tap into the very specific, indigenous benefits of Langkawi - its rocks, crystals, mud, herbs, abundant water and unique flora. It's a powerful concept that uses nature to help people connect to the universe of vitality that lies within.", says Reddington.

Guests are invited to attend a complimentary consultation to determine which treatment or series of treatments best supports their needs. The Geo Spa offers four treatment series that reflect the life's most basic needs, in the Geopark, and elsewhere - nourishment, water, light and air.             

Nourishment treatments combine the hidden energies of crystals, rocks and mud with techniques that target the nervous system to calm, nurture and ground. One of the most unique treatments here is the Keluarga Family Ritual described as' a beautiful bonding experience for parents and children', Up to four family members can experience a blissful salt scrub, mud wrap, family bathing (cleansing bath salts), crystal massage and a special celebration of togetherness.

Water treatments combine water's subtle properties with focused kidney work to help the inner energies flow with blissful ease. TLTB especially like the couples Raja & Ratu Connect experience which focuses on three specific chakras - water, heart and crown, 'to maximize emotional and sexual connection, love and universal blessing'.

Light treatments explore light's many guises and benefits, bringing energy and illumination to body, mind and spirit. For example, the Keringanan Lightness Massage. We are told that 'showing compassion to others and ourselves brings an unmistakable lightness of being'; so this deep tissue massage, performed with compassionate healing intent, uses energy-boosting pegaga to soften the muscular system and stimulate energy flow.

Air treatments, inspired by the constant purification of air in Langkawi's rainforest, honour the healing stillness that pervades when man and nature, body and mind are in perfect balance. For example, a Veya Experience which uses the earth's healing energies to reawaken the body and spirit and restore stillness.

Each series of treatments is accompanied by a recommended yoga program as well as corresponding bathing rituals. In-Resort activities that  complement the treatments, such as the Mangrove Safari and Rainforest Walk, are also suggested. For example, if you indulge in a water treatment the spa suggests that the following activities will complement the experience; catamaran sailing, a waterfall hike or Coastal kayaking.   Pick a Light treatment and the spa will suggest you try a barbecue and campfire on the beach under the stars or a bike treks.
 All this is 'to enable guests to continue immersing themselves in the benefits of the surrounding nature beyond the spa'. We're all for that.

Geo Parks

UNESCO Geoparks name comes from the Greek word Gaia, meaning earth; their success lies in the protection of their geological, ecological and cultural wonders- a partnership of people and planet.
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Melissa Thompson 13/10/12

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