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HIGH FLYER: Virgin Atlantic pyjamas get a new look
OK we admit it, we're fan of on-board PJs from Qantas' little grey number emblazoned with kangaroo to the matt black of Virgin's regular offerings.  Our contributing Ed has even be known to wear them around the house and our Editor confesses to quite a collection.  But could we go one further, could we wear an airline onsie? And what airline would create such a thing for their business customers? Need you ask - Virgin of course.  Virgin has announced that they will introduce a limited edition onesie, in collaboration with Norwegian brand, OnePiece.

Available on just a few select night flights across the Virgin Network, from June the onesie is a first for the aviation industry. Perhaps that's a good thing. We're not sure.  They certainly look good as modelled by Amber Le Bon, the daughter of music legend Simon Le Bon and supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. But then anything would the new Virgin Atlantic offering a kind of geek-meets-sleep suit is still in the classic black with the slogan, 'sleepy head' on the back. Designed as a 'fashionable -but-fun' alternative to the popular Virgin Atlantic Upper Class sleep suit.

Do you dare to wear?

Lisa Edwards 10/6/14
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