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The Luxury Travel Bible has recently been travelling with RINGANA’s FRESH travel sets and FRESH Sunscreen. 

The Travel Sets, available in light, medium and rich to suit your skin type, contain 12 products (all under 100ml so can be included in hand luggage on flights). 

The ‘face’ aspect of the travel set contains a cleanser, tonic, moisturizer and serum. The ‘Body’ portion of the set contains a body milk, foot balm and hand and nail balm. The ‘Wash’ set includes shampoo, body wash, a cleaning foam that transforms any toilet paper into moist toilet paper, deodorant (without dubious aluminium salts and promotes the skin's natural regulation of sweat) and tooth oil (tooth care that is derived from the tradition of oil-pulling).

The travel sets come with a airport security-friendly transparent bag for a much more stylish and acceptable way to travel than just putting your toiletries in a little clear plastic bag from the airport!

TLTB found the FRESH Travel set to be a great combination of gorgeous products, perfect for a holiday or weekend break. 
RINGANA’S range of Sunscreen offers a broad-spectrum of protection against UV light, blue light and infra-red light. The sunscreens are dermatologically tested, suitable for sensitive skin and contain natural plant oils and antioxidants and aren’t greasy on the skin.

TLTB is very particular when it comes to our products and what we travel with, and we have quickly become converts to the RINGAMA products. Not only are the products lovely and wonderful to travel with, but the company has a great ethos.

Founded in 1996, RINGANA’s cornerstones of its success are ‘freshness, efficacy and sustainability.’

TLTB loves that the RINGANA skincare products from Austria are vegan, contain no artificial preservatives or additives, are made in small batches and as the ingredients are so fresh the products need to used within 10 weeks of opening. RINGANA is also committed to sustainability with programs to reduce their use of CO2, Water and Plastic, the company use eco-packaging and have a social responsibility (such as flexible working, diversity in the workforce and free vegetarian food for staff).  

LUXURY LINK: www.ringana.com 

Sarah Bryans 06/01/2023
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