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When do we know we've truly arrived? At the moment we put that first morsel of local cuisine in our mouths. The spices of India, al dente Italian pasta, a rich French sauce - Sometimes the taste of a meal can transport us to a particular country without ever leaving the restaurant. And sometimes a good meal IS the whole world. Food is an important part of travel, some would say the most important part. In this section the world's greatest chefs share their travel inspirations and we explore the whole mouth-watering, sense-inspiring, taste-tantalising experience of being a global gourmet.

Vegan Hotels - The Luxury Travel BibleNEW GOURMET TRAVEL: Luxury Vegan Hotels

Here’s ten luxury hotels we bet you didn’t know were vegan. Vegan tourists are growing in importance and power  -  and hotels and travel companies are listening.      


An express lift to the 19th floor takes us to INK 360 at Intercontinental Phu Quoc Long Beach. We arrive just before sunset. Inside the glass walled bar it feels as if we’re swimming in an aquarium of light.      

GOURMET TRAVEL: Chocolate Buffet, The Sukhothai Hotel

The star of the event is the chocolate trolley which features over twenty bowls of chocolate. Ranging from 100% pure cocoa to milk chocolate and white chocolate there is a chocolate to suit everybody.   Continue

 GOURMET TRAVEL: The Tides, Zanzibar

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, and we think we might have found the most romantic (and intimate) restaurant in the world. Continue


A must do when in Venice is a visit to the famous Harry’s Bar. The ironic thing is that most people end up walking past this iconic bar as it looks so discreet and unassuming from the outside. Continue

A new restaurant from the Roux family is a rare treat and one to be celebrated. That’s why the newly opened Brasserie Prince by Alain Roux at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh is causing such a stir.         Continue

Any visitor to Nashville is guaranteed of two things… they are going to hear some great music and they are going to eat some great food!   Continue


Stomping in with snow-covered ski boots isn’t the normal way to arrive for a Michelin-starred lunch. But then La Bouitte is no ordinary restaurant.  Situated in Saint Marcel on the edge of the giant Trois Vallee skiing area, it is the highest three star Michelin restaurant in Europe and one of the most remote.  Continue

Father and Son, Chef Rene and Chef Maxime Meilleur have had an amazing trajectory. Their restaurant La Bouitte is literally the highest 3* Michelin restaurant in Europe. Here they speak to The Luxury Travel Bible.  Continue


TRAVEL: Tom Aikens

Michelin starred British chef Tom Aikens talks to The Luxury Travel Bible about how his travels inspire him menus. 


Heston Blumenthal

We've had pop up hotels, now we've got a pop up duck. Heston Blumenthal is to close the Fat Duck, his three-Michelin starred restaurant, in Bray, Berkshire and in a massive move, take his entire operation to Melbourne for six months.

Two Michelin-starred Raymond Blanc is Chef Patron of Orient Express property, hotel-restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, Here he reveals to The Luxury Travel Bible what makes a 'great meal' and what means 'luxury' to him. Continue
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