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A secret retreat hidden deep in the dense mangrove vegetation of Tulum is the newest offering from Design Hotels. This private five bedroom treehouse has been built behind a curtain of lush emerald palms near the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, yet is only a short distance from the heart of Tulum. Created by local craftspeople in collaboration with an international design team, it has large common areas, several spacious wrap-around terraces, multiple spaces for indoor-outdoor living, and bedrooms with en-suite bathroom. 

Located on the main beach road , the white concrete house enveloped by verdant foliage a tranquil haven. “We were sparked by the desire to develop new hospitality models which embody the lifestyle of today’s nomads. Those seeking genuine and innovative experiences centred around the respect and appreciation of local traditions, food, music, and rituals. Says Juan Pablo Heredia, partner of the Tulum Treehouse.


Interior designer and stylist Annabell Kutucu has used Upcycled furniture from Jorge and Rita, a local family of carpenters, handwoven baskets by Rosalinda, individually crafted Oaxacan ceramics by La Chicharra, and textiles by Mexican label Caravana  sit in harmony against a polished concrete canvas. Light and air flow through tranquil rooms appointed with Oaxacan rugs and bespoke furnishings by Meridian artisans or sourced from Mexico City’s weekend antique market. Indoor and outdoors seamlessly merge throughout, relaxing hammocks and outdoor showers invite guests to connect to the treetops, and full kitchens offer self-catering or private chef hire options. Most spectacularly, an impressive 12-person rooftop dining table looks out onto views of endless jungle.


The Treehouse relies on a full solar setup with a back-up generator, as well as a two-pronged water treatment and irrigation system to help preserve the fragile ecosystem that is the Tulum jungle and mangrove area.  

LUXURY LINKS: www.designhotels.com/tulum-treehouse

Posted 13/9/17
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