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Michael Wald (Alaska)
Company: Arctic Wild (Alaska and Arctic)
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Michael Wald has over 20 years experience guiding from the Arctic to the Antarctic.  He has an infectious love of wilderness and the outdoor skills to make wilderness travel fun and safe in even the most extreme environments. He has a varied background as Arctic field biologist, woodworker, and teacher and loves to share his in depth knowledge of Alaska's natural history. Michael and his family live in the small coastal town of Haines during the winter and spend much of their summer camping in the Arctic.

My most luxurious and adventurous trip:
Luxury in my mind is synonymous with abundance. When I think of my most luxurious trips, I think of the summer solstice on the Arctic plain. The effects of limitless daylight cannot be understated. 24 hours of daylight combined with the wide-open spaces of the tundra, create a feeling of euphoria where the only limits are those of our imaginations. Combine this with a comfortable and well-provisioned camp and add in herds of caribou stretching to the horizon, showing up seemingly from nowhere and then disappearing back into the endless tundra - you have a feeling of abundance and luxury unparalleled.
Luxury Adventure Travel
My favourite place in the world:
My favourite place on earth is without a doubt the arctic coast of Alaska where the tundra melts into the sea. Though austere at first glance the arctic coast is a place of tremendous abundance and diversity. From the intrepid flowers blooming on the tundra to the skeins of sea-ducks to the grizzly bears, caribou and musk oxen each searching for food, everywhere you look on the summer tundra life abounds in a seemingly inhospitable landscape. There is no place I'd rather be than to be sitting on the tundra near the Arctic Coast watching birds under the midnight sun.
Posted 1/7/13
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