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Howard Saunders (East Africa)
Company: Howard Saunders Safaris (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda)
Luxury Travel Adventures in East Africa

Howard Saunders is a The Luxury Travel Bible favourite; charming and knowledgeable few offer a chance to see Africa as Howard does. Howard offers clients the chance to immerse themselves in the traditional East African safari, in private and exclusive  tented camps on carefully planned journeys to the Masai Mara savannahs, the plains of Kilimanjaro country, or the famed mountain gorillas. Howard involves conservationists and wildlife researchers along the way to deepen the experiences. Intimate visits to family homes and schools of the Masai tribe provide what can be life-changing experiences as an utterly different cultural world is explored. Howard is also able to integrate some fascinating African wildlife research and conservation interest into every safari. Through his wife Dr Stephanie Dloniak, a wildlife biologist, as well as Howard's involvement with the Kenya Wildlife Trust (of which he is a founding Trustee), Howard is able to provide a more comprehensive and therefore enjoyable experience with Africa's wild animals. As part of a cadre of Professional Safari Guides that began in 1946, Howard continues the grand pedigree with his exclusive mobile camping.

My most luxurious and adventurous trip:
A recent safari that rates as one of the highlights of my career was taking a small group out through Uganda, including the wild northern realm, as well as the Albertine Rift Valley. The setting of our exclusive tented safari camp on the banks of the mighty Nile River in Murchison Falls National Park provided majestic views of Africa in every direction. Feeling that we were in the footsteps of renowned adventurers in one of those rare locations - which is still off the beaten track and yet holds fantastic natural beauty.
Luxury Travel Adventures in Africa
This is where nineteenth century explorers such as Samuel Baker ventured to survey the headwaters of the mysterious Nile; where British royalty travelled for big game hunts in the early safari days of the 1920s and 30s; where Ernest Hemingway famously crashed airplanes; and where the classic movie, The African Queen was filmed. Our days were spent viewing the wildlife, either from the boat or game vehicle. We dined on freshly caught Nile perch in the evenings, and woke to find fresh lion pug marks through camp. We had spent several days previous to this camped in Kidepo National Park, a wilderness on Uganda's northern frontier, with equally enjoyable wildlife viewings, as well as meeting some fascinating individuals and learning about the wild lives they lead in these remote areas. And it dawned on everyone present that the true luxury of this experience, alongside the great comforts of our private camps, was in fact the privileged access we had to some of Africa's jewels; the real power of the inside knowledge that myself and my Ugandan colleagues brought guests who were the first for decades to venture into these beautiful parks. Ending the safari with some wonderful time spent in the lush forests with the Mountain gorillas, my guests really understood why Uganda has long been known as the 'Pearl' of Africa.
My favourite place in the world:
The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya has been like a home away from home for me. As one of my most regular safari destinations due to the prolific wildlife - especially predators, the Mara delivers what I would rate as the best place to observe animal behaviour anywhere on the planet. For me personally the Mara is even more special as it is where I met my wife, Dr Stephanie Dloniak, during her years living there researching large carnivores. We must have covered every inch of the place over that time and witnessed the most incredible wildlife scenes.
Posted 1/7/13
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